What is Career Counselling?

Whether you’re 15, 18, 21, 35 or 60… the next important career–related decision might just be round the corner. For a 15 year old the decision might revolve around choosing the ideal course stream, for an 18 year old the decision might involve choosing the right college, for a 21 year old the decision might be about choosing the right job, for a 35 year old the decision might revolve around making a career change and so on…


All these decisions make an impact on our present and future. A correct decision today will always lead to a better tomorrow.


Career Counselling is a process that helps us make these career – related decisions.


It's about understanding who we are


We are complex beings. We have a large number of interests, hold proficiency in various disciplines in varying degrees, like hundreds of things, dislike another thousand, have a long list of weaknesses, some of which we are aware of and are working to improve and many others that we aren't even aware of. In this scenario, we are asked by everyone around us to pick a career track based on our strengths or interests. How can we possibly keep in mind all these things to decide? Over and above that, there are a thousand careers to choose from, which makes the task all the more difficult!


It's about exploring careers


How can one choose a single career from more than a thousand options that are mentioned on the internet? . There are other things to do as well, I can’t put all my time into this. We do learn about some careers from our friends and family, but that's not going to be any more than say TEN! What if you are going to be the trail blazer, the pioneer among others around you, who's going to appear in the history books of the world? You can't be all that by following others! This is mind boggling you think, and leave the big decision to a later time hoping to just get through the immediate decision staring at you immediately. For students this can include deciding which courses to take up and which careers to pursue. For working professionals, this will include deciding which jobs to take up and whether they need a career change or not.


It's about choosing educational paths


There are subjects that we like and subjects that we dislike, there are subjects we scored well in, there are subjects that we scored poorly in, there is also that chapter we like from the subject we dislike and a chapter we dislike from a subject we like. Additionally, there is the "I liked that subject till that teacher came along" factor. Your choice of subjects is going to steer the direction your career and life will take.


It’s about choosing jobs and career tracks

Working professionals often face questions like ‘Should I take up that job? It pays less but will be good for my career.’ or ‘I thought this is what I want to do but I’m just not happy with my job. Is it possible that I’m in the wrong career?’  There are several factors that might encourage or discourage you to take up a job (money, work atmosphere, experience, management etc.) Additionally, there is always a cost involved in making a career decision as a working professional. All these decisions impact your career in a profound manner; there will be immediate effects and long – term effects as well.


Career Counselling is the process by which all these hundreds and thousands of factors are managed to make career choices that not only consider our immediate concerns but also set us up on a track where we can enjoy work, excel at it, do pioneering stuff, make money and even lead happy personal lives, provided we are willing to work hard, to learn what we need to and to become the right human beings.


Potentially, career counselling sets you up for life. Practically, it gives you a direction, but you still have to go out there, face the challenges and make it happen.

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Steve Jobs, chief executive officer and co-founder of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, urged graduates to pursue their dreams, follow their interests & curiosities and see the opportunities in life's setbacks-- including death itself.