Study ke bare me.

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Mera padne ka man karta h lekin me pad nahi pa raha hu.kya karu?
You want to study but you can't!
First, understand why studying is important for you. Take time to think about what will happen if you study and what will happen if you don't.

Second, build a career plan. Become clear about what you want to do after you complete your studies. Have a goal. Studying is not a goal, it's a means to a goal. Take the CareerLever career test. Understand what careers will be right for you. Choose one and set your goals around it. Build an image of the profession you want to pursue. Keep the image with you all the time.

Third, keep reminding yourself about your goal and the importance of studying. Put up posters in your room, inspirational quotes on your desk, a custom message on the home screen of your phone. Every morning when you wake up, remind yourself of your goals and your plan for the day. Every night before you go to sleep, reflect on how well you studied.

Fourth, set a study schedule. Be reasonable with yourself. Don't over burden yourself straight up. Start with an achievable target. Meet it once, then twice. Then meet it consistently. Now, go ahead and raise the targets. Follow the cycle.

Fifth, manage your distractions. They aren't really distractions. They are things you love to do. They are not that productive that's all. Set aside time for them. Whether it's watching TV, playing games, chatting up with friends, whatever it is that is important for you, allocate time for it. The way there is study time, keep a time for them too so that they don't distract you during study time.

The most important of these steps is having a career goal in mind and becoming single mindedly focused on it. Soon, the goal will begin to pull you towards it. The study schedule will become enjoyable to follow. And the distractions will become easy to manage.

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