Who Are We? At CareerLever, you are guided by a group of professionals, with years of experience in helping individuals, both, students & working professionals, find and fulfill their potential.

How We Help You? When you choose any career path, you take into account a set of fairly critical, personal choices that have a crucial bearing on satisfaction and happiness in adult work-life. At CareerLever, you will make these important choices in a structured and informed manner. The help we provide here will, to a reasonable extent, help you enjoy and excel in your higher education, and later in your chosen work streams and professions.

Principles That Underpin Our Offerings Follow your bliss. Recognizing that you are unique, CareerLever will identify your unique interests and introduce you to available career choices from that lens. Our offerings will feed your specific inclinations. When you make choices that are rooted in self-knowledge, there’s a good chance for you to both, excel & enjoy your work.

Explore. Discover. Choose. The CareerLever space is designed for you to explore different options with an open and curious mind. You will constantly receive stimuli that encourages you to find out more about different streams, and hence make informed choices.

Equip students to ‘fish’ for themselves: Our service are not prescriptive; instead, they aim to bring all the information & inspiration you need, straight to your customized ‘career planning dashboard’ where you will find your answers, not only now, but at every stage of your life and career.

Careers are journeys. And we intend to stay the course through your journey. We shall arm you with different tools you will need to manouver different turns and overcome different challenges as you move forward on the path of living your bliss. Use the Contact Us page to get in touch with us.