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Joining the Information Technology Industry has fast become a popular career option for students, particularly in the last 5 – 10 years. But what is it like to work in the IT industry? Find out below.

What are the jobs really about?

Creating New Software

The IT industry revolves around the creation and maintenance of computer software which can be used to automate a manual process. IT companies create software for computers as well as for phones, tablets, household appliances, automobiles etc.

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IT professionals are involved in research, design, development, testing and correcting software. They also provide customer support for existing software. As a professional working in the IT industry, you will get a job that will focus on any one of these roles. Many IT professionals are also involved in the creation and maintenance of websites.

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Why do people work in the IT industry?

Lots of Jobs, Good Pay

Due to the ongoing boom in the IT industry, it offers a lot of jobs for graduates who possess educational qualifications in related fields, particularly Engineering. There are plenty of job opportunities in different types of organizations including small and creative startups as well as large organizations like Infosys. IT professionals also work as freelancers.

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Not only that, but the salaries offered in the IT industry are comparatively better than what are offered in most other industries. However, keep in mind that your salary will depend on a variety of factors including your educational qualifications, the size of the company etc.

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Growth Opportunities

A big reason behind people wanting to work in the IT industry is the individual growth potential that it offers. For example, as an entry – level professional you might start off by performing executive and routine tasks but if you possess the right aptitude and skills, it is very likely that you will be leading a team of Software Engineers and Computer Engineers in a few a years’ time.

Even though there is a potential for growth in all industries, it is comparatively a quicker process in the IT sector as it is growing at a very fast rate with new avenues opening up every day.


As compared to other industries, the IT industry is still young and far from having reached its maximum potential. This provides a huge scope for innovation and creativity in this field, with people willing to back new concepts and products to exploit the growing market. This motivates professionals to join IT companies as they provide them with opportunities to bring their concepts to life and develop new path – breaking creations that can change the course of the IT industry forever.

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Variety in Projects

Unlike other industries, the IT industry can involve a lot of variety in terms of the projects you’re working on. You might start off by working on creating a an anti – virus software for computers, six months later you could be working on a gaming software after which you might be asked to work on creating a GPS software that will be used only in mobile phones. This allows professionals to widen their knowledge base and gain experience in a variety of fields, especially during the start of their career.


A big reason behind people wanting to work in the IT industry is that it offers a lot of opportunities to travel. You might be asked to work on a project in some other state or even in some other country. This will involve travelling to a new place, experiencing a new culture and meeting new people.

What is it like to work in the IT industry?

Long hours, Deadlines

Even though the official timings in the IT sector are in the 9 to 5 range, professionals often stay back at work to complete pending projects as there is a lot of workload. Additionally, the numbers of working hours increase considerably as and when there are deadlines coming up. Professionals who succeed in this field are the ones who are willing to sacrifice their personal time for the job as and when required.


Working in the IT industry involves sitting in front of a computer and working on creating software all day. This can tend to get monotonous in the long run, especially if you’re a person who finds it difficult to sit in one place and work for long periods at a stretch.

Even though you might get opportunities to work on different projects, the nature of the work and the work environment remains the same, often leading to professionals becoming dissatisfied with their jobs. People who become successful in this field are the ones who can keep themselves motivated at all times and deal with the routine nature of the work.

Constant Learning

The IT industry is constantly changing and evolving; what is considered to be a path breaking discovery becomes obsolete in a matter of 4 – 5 years. This changing nature of the IT industry creates a lot of problems for professionals in this industry, as they are constantly required to upgrade their skills and knowledge base so that they continue to be valuable for their organization. Professionals who become successful in this field are the ones who are always willing to learn new methods, processes and concepts and are constantly in touch with the new developments in this industry.

Organized and Details

As compared to other industries, professionals in the IT industry are required to be more organized and pay a lot of attention to even the minutest of details. This is primarily due to the fact that software programs are generally extremely complicated, and even the smallest of changes can lead to functionality problems. People who succeed in this field are the ones who can stay organized and keep track of the details of every little part of the software they’re working on.


Software is never built by an individual. Professionals in this field usually work in teams to perform the task they’ve been assigned, whether it is creating software, testing it, conducting research or any other activity. As a professional in this industry, you will be required to coordinate and work in a team with a number of individuals who have different ideas and opinions. People who succeed in this profession are the ones who can prioritize the goals of the team above their personal goals and work alongside everybody in the team without creating disharmony.

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