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Computer engineers design, develop, implement and test computer based hardware and software. They work with components that are found inside the computers, devices that contain computers and the software that runs on those machines. They also design networks that connect computer systems and work on integrating software programs with computer hardware.

There are two major specialties in computer engineering: Software and Hardware.

Computer software engineers possess the programming skills needed to design, develop and test software, business applications, operating systems etc., They even set up networks and make or install new software and upgrade computer systems.

Computer hardware engineers are ones who research, design, test and aid the manufacturing and installation of hardware like computer chips, circuit boards, micro processors, routers and other related equipment. They even update existing computer equipment so as to work more efficiently with newer software.

With computers increasingly pervading all parts of our life - from being present in cars, house hold machines, telephones, videogames, ATM machines etc. – the information technology industry is witnessing rapid growth which is leading to a huge demand for such professionals. While major software & IT companies are the biggest employers of such professionals, there are many opportunities elsewhere too. Opportunities exist in universities, research, government departments, commercial organizations, businesses, or even areas where computerized systems are almost like the lifeline, like aeronautics, space science, petroleum industries, chemical plants, power plants, etc.

Computer engineers who join an IT company can not only work in technical roles of planning, writing or testing software but also take up other roles depending on interests such as project management, sales and marketing, business analysis and consulting, training, and business management. 

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How to become a Computer Engineer?

Computer Engineers are people who have the ability to use concepts from Electrical Engineering as well as Software Design to come up with fast, cheap and effective computer systems. These computer systems can be installed in laptops, cars, home appliances etc. Becoming a Computer Engineer is not easy. It requires years of dedication and hard work.

In order to become a Computer Engineer, you would study subjects like Math, Physics and Chemistry at school. You should start exploring computers and learning as much as possible about them. Choose the Science stream after your Class 10th.

Once you complete your schooling, you will pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. There are many excellent institutions in the country that provide you with a B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering. Before you can join an engineering college, you might have to appear for several entrance exams.

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Internships provide great opportunities for students to learn, gain experience and make contacts. Therefore, it is imperative for Computer Engineering students to regularly take up internships at companies in this field.

The more you read, the more you’ll learn. It is important to keep reading as much as possible about computers, new technologies, software etc. You should try to learn coding and practice making your own programs.

Networking is very important in the field of Computer Engineering. You should try and make contacts whenever possible. This can be of great help when you’re looking for a job or starting your own venture.

The field of Computer Engineering is constantly changing and evolving. It is important to keep track of the rest of the Computer Engineering world. One way to do this is to attend seminars. Seminars not only provide you with information but also give you the opportunity to make important contacts.


There are some excellent institutions in our country that provide world class education in the field of Computer Engineering. The IITs and the NITs are the best institutions for Computer Engineering. Apart from them, International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad and Indian School of Mines University – Dhanbad provide students with a reputed B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering.

Career Path:

Computer Engineering is a vast field. Companies like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Infosys etc. all hire Computer Engineers. Even though each company has its own job designations and progress route, there is a basic hierarchy that is applicable to almost every big company. You normally start off as a Coder. A coder is the person who writes the code for programs. You slowly start working on bigger projects. Senior coders are called ‘Developers’ in some companies. Once you’ve gained experience in writing code, you move on to becoming a Software architect. An architect is the person who designs the whole structure of the software. He tells the coders what to do. As an architect, you slowly start working on bigger projects and end up becoming the Principal Architect of the company. After working as a coder for a while, lot of coders feel that the management side of the company is more appealing. So, a lot of coders move towards the management side of the company and become Project Managers, Delivery Managers etc. instead of becoming Architects.

What are the skills required to become a Computer Engineer?

The ability to concentrate for long hours at a stretch can be of great help as a Computer Engineer especially when you’re involved in writing code. Computer Engineers need to have a considerable amount of knowledge of subjects like math and science. They need to be able to think logically and make decisions based on scientific reasoning. Computer Engineers need to be flexible as they might have to work at odd timings and for long hours in order to meet deadlines. It is absolutely imperative for Computer Engineers to have thorough knowledge about the hardware and software components of a computer. They should be in touch with the latest developments in both software as well as hardware components. Computer Engineers should also have the ability to work in a group as they’re often required to work in a team where individual tasks may or may not be assigned. Most importantly, Computer Engineers need to love computers as this love will motivate them to work harder and come up with better computer systems.

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Is this the right career for me?

The life of a Computer Engineer is all about meeting deadlines. In order to meet these deadlines, Computer Engineers have to work for long hours and at odd timings. They have to constantly compromise and adjust with other people in their team. Computer Engineering is a very technical field that requires specialized education and training.

So if you love computers and like math and science, and if you’re okay with working for long hours for the sake of giving life to new ideas in the field of computers, then this is the perfect job for you.

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