Top 7 Respected Careers

The ‘Top 7 Respected Careers’ includes a list of careers that are given the most amount of respect in today’s world. The respect that professionals from these careers get stems from the fact that their work focuses on benefiting the society as a whole rather than some individuals. This does not necessarily mean that these careers are not financially rewarding, but the nature of these jobs is such that the more you progress in your work, the better it is for the society.

The list includes a vast variety of careers, and each career has its own pros and cons. But what is common to each of these careers is that they are valued by society, and professionals from these careers are respected for their hard work, sincerity and contribution to society. Such careers can be very rewarding for people who have the genuine desire to work for the society as well as themselves and help make this world a better and a safer place to live in.


Doctors have one of the most respected jobs in the world. This includes Physicians and Surgeons. They use their extensive knowledge in the field of medicine to free their patients of suffering. Doctors diagnose diseases by looking at the symptoms of the patient and also prescribe medicines through which the patient can be cured. Some Doctors perform surgeries on their patients to cure diseases and deformities. It is considered to be a ‘noble profession’ simply because it fulfills the most vital of all human desires, and that is to survive. Some Doctors are general physicians, whereas some Doctors are specialists in certain types of diseases such as Orthopedics, ENT specialists etc. Regardless of the type, all Doctors have one thing in common, and that is a genuine desire to help improve the lives of their patients and make them healthier in every way possible. It is this desire to help others that makes them widely respected all across the world.

Doctors work towards improving the health of people and it is their responsibility to try their best to cure a patient. They spend most of their lives in hospitals and private clinics attending to the problems of their patients. This leaves them with very little time for themselves. Doctors often have to deal with complex problems and diseases that require them to make accurate decisions. The exclusive amount of knowledge that Doctors have combined with the complex and selfless nature of their work makes them respected all over the world. Please keep in mind that the welfare nature of the profession does not in any way mean that Doctors are not well paid. If you are good in your field and genuinely care about your patients, you will be paid very well by hospitals and patients. Becoming a Doctor requires years of education and hard work. You will require an MBBS degree and might need a specialization depending upon your field of choice. Once you complete your education, you will be required to undergo practical training. Even though becoming a Doctor is very difficult and requires lots of dedication and hard work, the respect and appreciation that one gets for the job is well worth it.
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Armed Forces

The ‘Armed Forces’ refers to the various defense organizations of a country. In India, the Armed Forces have three wings – Army, Navy and the Air Force. Professionals in the Armed Forces live with a sole purpose, and that is to defend the nation from external and internal enemies. The Armed Forces comprises of soldiers who are willing to put their lives on the line for the benefit of the country. It is one of the most respected jobs in the world. The Armed Forces are responsible for ensuring that there is no external or internal security threat to the country, and are also responsible for helping the Government in situations of crisis and natural disasters.
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People who join the Armed Forces have a genuine desire to serve the country and protect its citizens. They are widely respected as they risk their lives daily so that normal citizens can live peaceful lives. The Armed Forces consist of Soldiers who are willing to fight and sacrifice for the nation. They are extremely brave and courageous, and are responsible for maintaining the sovereignty of our country. Soldiers in the Armed Forces lead selfless and disciplined lives for the betterment of the nation. They face dangerous situations and deal with very unfavorable circumstances just to make sure that the nation does not lose its honor. Their selflessness, courage and bravery along with their technical and tactical skills are reasons due to which they are respected all over the world. You need to be physically strong to join the Armed Forces, and also need to have the necessary educational qualifications depending upon the wing you want to join, i.e. Army, Navy or Air Force. More importantly, you should have the ability to lead an extremely disciplined and honorable lifestyle so as to be respected and admired by thousands.
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Scientists are highly learned people who conduct research on specific topics that interest them. They study in detail about a particular topic and come up with theories that they prove through experiments. Scientists aim to unravel the mysteries of how this world functions and why this world is the way it is. It is their job to find new conclusions that might disprove earlier theories. You can become a Scientist in any field that interests you, including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Sports, and Sociology etc. It is one of the most respected jobs in the world and you can make significant contribution to the world by being a Scientist.

Scientists are highly respected people all across the globe. They are innovators who spend their entire careers conducting research and innovating new theories and products that can help humans lead better lives. Almost everything around us has been created by a Scientist of one kind or the other. From mobile phones to utensils, the contribution of Scientists is present everywhere in our daily life. Their extensive knowledge combined with their significant contributions makes them one of the most respected people in the world. People look up to Scientists and admire them for their knowledge, innovative thinking and intelligence. Scientists use their knowledge to explain theories of life, which can further help people live easier and more comfortable lives. It is due to the contribution of Scientists that we can now easily cure diseases that were considered to be incurable. The contribution of Scientists to this world is way beyond any other profession. It is due to this fact combined with their intelligence and progressive thinking that makes people respect Scientists. Becoming a Scientist is not easy at all. You need to complete your Bachelor’s and your Master’s in your area of interest and also need to complete your PhD in your field of research. Apart from the necessary educational qualifications, you will need to have the ability to question the reasons behind the way things are, and to observe life around you. Not everybody has enough intelligence, dedication and sincerity needed in order to become a Scientist, and it is due to these exclusive skills that they are respected all over the world.


Judges are officials who have a lot of knowledge about the law and are responsible for presiding over court proceedings and delivering judgments. It is their job to ensure that justice is delivered and the guilty is punished as per the law. They have to make sure that the court trial takes place in an impartial manner and everybody gets a chance to defend themselves. During a trial, they listen to the arguments provided by both the Lawyers, assess the evidence and witnesses provided and then deliver a judgment based on their understanding of who is innocent or guilty and what is the nature of the crime. Judges are one of the most respected people in the world.

You can be a Judge at different levels, including the District level, the High Court level and the Supreme Court level. In many complex cases, a group of Judges is required to preside over the proceeding and deliver a judgment. Judges spend their lives delivering justice to people and solving disputes. Judges are required to be wise and know the law of the land thoroughly. Their immense amount of knowledge and wisdom, combined with the massive authority they have to punish people, is responsible for people having immense respect for them. Judges are seen as impartial and wise people, who will ensure that justice is delivered even to the poorest and the weakest. The fact that Judges are responsible for ensuring that the ‘right thing’ takes place is the reason they are so widely respected. Becoming a Judge is not easy, but if you have the necessary educational qualifications with experience and the ability to be wise and impartial during all circumstances, then you can think of becoming a part of this incredibly respectable profession.
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IAS (Indian Administrative Service) officers are civil servants that work in administrative and leadership roles at State and Central levels in the Government or in the Public Sector. They are responsible for helping the Government make policies and come up with welfare programs. IFS (Indian Foreign Service) officers are also known as Diplomats. Their job is to represent the country abroad on a vast variety of issues. They usually work in Embassies and High Commissions. Their job is to promote friendly relations with the country they are posted in and protect India’s national interests in all circumstances. IAS and IFS officers are much respected throughout the country.
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Both IAS and IFS officers focus on working for the welfare of the nation, although in very different ways. IAS officers work to improve the implementation of Government policies, hence improving the lives of the public. IFS officers work to improve the image and relations of India with the country they are posted in and negotiate country – level agreements with other countries. Both IAS and IFS officers are widely respected as they work for the betterment of public lives. Their extensive knowledge combined with their authority makes them highly respected throughout the country. People admire them and see them as extremely intelligent and responsible as getting into the IAS and IFS is not easy at all. Becoming an IAS or an IFS officer requires years of education along with extensive knowledge so as to be able to pass the Civil Services Exam. Even though getting through the Civil Services Exam is difficult, the power and authority to make the lives of people better and the respect that comes along with it makes a lot of people opt for this career.
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Teachers are professionals who share their extensive academic knowledge with students to educate them so that they become learned and better individuals. A good Teacher uses his/her knowledge and communication skills to develop a sense of inquisitiveness and curiosity amongst the students apart from teaching them about a wide variety of topics. They are responsible for shaping and securing the future of this country through education. Teachers have a major impact on a student’s life, and a good Teacher might the sole reason behind turning a child into a responsible and well – educated adult. 
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Teaching is one of the most ancient professions and Teachers have always been much respected. Unlike other professions that look to create products and services, Teaching looks to create individuals and good human beings, which makes it one of the most important professions in the world. Teachers are respected for their massive contribution to society along with their extensive knowledge. A strong and responsible work force of Teachers can shape the fortunes of any country in the world. The success of a Teacher lies in the success of the students. This selfless nature of the job is responsible for the respect that Teachers get. Until very recently, it wasn’t a well paid job. But after the privatization of education in India, Teachers are paid much more than before and deservedly so. You will need a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in your specific subject along with good communication skills to become a Teacher. The educational requirements might vary but what should make you a Teacher is a passion for your subject and a genuine desire to guide students into becoming better people.
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Social Workers

People who work with the sole purpose of improving the society are called ‘Social Workers’. Unlike other professions, where the main aim of a person is individual success, Social Workers aim to help needy people and impart skills in them which will initiate their progress in life. Most of them work with NGOs (Non - Governmental Organizations) whereas some also work with the Government to ensure that the resources reach the right people. Social Work includes a vast variety of fields such as healthcare, education, gender discrimination and environment protection.
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Social Workers are widely respected due to the selfless nature of their job and the immense amount of hard work they put in to improve society. They dedicate their whole lives to the society and its problems. It is only due to the work of sincere Social Workers that there has been some awareness created across the country about problems like AIDS, Dowry, and Honor Killings etc. Social Workers know that their success lies in the progress of the people they are working for and not their own individual progress. In a world full of self – centered people, Social Workers work for the betterment of others for little or no rewards. Their sacrifice, sincerity and progressive thinking make people not only respect them but look up to them as individuals and as iconic figures. Even though you do not need any educational qualification to become a Social Worker, a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work can help you learn more about the problems affecting society and the various ways through which they can be tackled.

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