Top 7 Physical Careers

The ‘Top 7 Physical Careers’ includes a list of careers that are physically demanding and are suitable for people who are physically fit and strong. The list comprises of careers from varying fields including Science, Arts and Commerce. Professionals working in any of these 7 careers are required to put their physical fitness and strength to use apart from their technical skills and knowledge.

These careers can be very rewarding for people who manage to endure the physical demands of the job. They provide ample opportunities for people who can use their bodies and physical fitness apart from their skills to succeed in life. Success in all these careers can be achieved through extreme discipline and hard work. Please keep in mind that not everybody can deal with the physical demands of these careers. People who are naturally well built, and the ones who are willing to work hard on their bodies to stay fit are the only ones who can survive in such careers.


People who play sports professionally are Sportspersons. They have one of the most physically demanding jobs in the world. They have to constantly be on the peak of their physical fitness, train everyday and perform well consistently on the field. This is applicable to all the sports in the world such as Athletics, Football, Cricket, Basketball, Swimming, Boxing and so on. Sportspersons have to constantly maintain their diet and physical fitness, so that they can perform to the best of their abilities. They use their physical strength, skills of the game and mental toughness to win tournaments and competitions.

The life of a Sportsperson revolves around physical fitness. They have to eat right, rest right and train right. The constant competition in sports ends up making Sportspersons work harder on their skills of the game as well as on their bodies. Not only that, they have to constantly deal with the threat of injuries. There are many Sportsperson in the world whose careers have been spoilt due to one major injury. Sportspersons have to work all the more harder on their bodies to alleviate that possibility. Even though the physical demands of the career are massive, the rewards compensate adequately. Success as a Sportsperson brings along with it money, fame and respect. Apart from skills of the game and physical fitness, you need to be disciplined, focused and mentally strong in order to become a successful Sportsperson.

Offshore Drilling Workers

‘Offshore Drilling’ is the mechanical process used to drill a hole through the seabed. These holes are called ‘wellbores’. A wellbore is a hole drilled through surface with the purpose of extracting a natural resource. Offshore Drilling workers drill holes through the seabed to look for the presence of petroleum between the rocks underneath the seabed. If petroleum is detected, then they extract it using sophisticated equipment. They physically drill holes into the sea using heavy equipment, which requires an immense amount of skill and physical strength.

Offshore Drilling Workers work in the middle of a sea. Their base is an ‘Offshore Oil Rig’ which acts as a storage area for the equipment and also as a residential facility for all the workers. It is a very difficult job as it requires people to work in very harsh, isolated and cramped conditions. Not only that, the job has a lot of health hazards and there is great risk involved in working with heavy equipment in the middle of the sea. They workers need to physically very strong, so that they can operate the equipment and deal with the health hazards. They normally work at 12 hour shifts. Working as an Offshore Drilling Worker might involve a lot of physical and mental hardships, but the financial rewards are well worth it. To get into this career, you need to first start out by working on land – based oil rigs. Experience, skill and physical strength are the major attributes that companies look for while hiring Offshore Drilling Workers.

Armed Forces

A career in the Armed Forces is probably the most physically demanding job in the world as it not only includes dealing with physical hardships but also involves putting your life in danger. You can join any of the three wings of the Armed Forces that comprise of the Army, the Navy and the Air Force. Even though the nature of these three careers is very different, the essence is the same. Soldiers in the Army, Pilots in the Air Force and Ship Captains in the Navy, all spend their lives protecting their country from enemies and fighting for its honor. They use their discipline, physical strength and mental toughness to become successful in the Armed Forces.

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The Armed Forces comprises of people who are in an excellent physical condition and have the ability to fight for their nation whenever required. They lead extremely disciplined lives that includes immense amount of physical and tactical training. The nature of the job requires them to risk their lives for the honor of the nation, which they are more than willing to do. Apart from the necessary educational qualifications, you will need to meet the basic physical demands of the wing of the Armed Forces you wish to join (Army, Navy or Air Force). To become successful in the Armed Forces, you need to be courageous, disciplined, brave, skilled and strong (mentally and physically). The job brings along with it a lot of honor and respect, apart from many other monetary and non – monetary benefits.

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Athletic Trainers/Coaches

Trainers are professionals who are responsible for imparting skill and knowledge to the trainee. Athletic Trainers deal with Sportspersons and work with them to increase their overall body strength and improve their skills in playing the game. Trainers are involved in all kinds of sports, including individual and team sports. They need to physically fit so as to be able to teach and train Sportspersons. They work with the Athlete on his/her weaknesses and show them ways to improve their performance. This involves a lot of rigorous training and practice sessions.

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Trainers are usually very experienced in the particular sport and use their experience to help the Athlete/Sportsperson improve his/her performance and strength. Apart from being physically fit, they need to possess specific skills of the game and also need to be sound tactically. One of their main jobs is to constantly motivate the Athlete/Sportsperson to perform better and push harder. This often involves practicing and training along with them. The job not only requires game skills and physical toughness, but also requires mental strength and tactical ability.

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Dancers are performing artists who pursue dance professionally. Dancers portray characters, situations and abstract concepts through their dance. They are performing artists who perform at competitions, stage shows, video shoots etc. Dancers are paid professionals and perform in groups as well as alone. All Dancers specialize in a particular dance style such as Hip Hop, Contemporary, Freestyle, Jazz, Bharatnatyam, Kathak etc. Regardless of their style of dancing, all Dancers need to be physically fit in order to become successful as they use their body and face to convey emotions and narrate stories.

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Dancing is a physically demanding career. It involves continuous and long practice sessions, daily. The constant competition that Dancers have to deal with pushes them to work harder on their bodies and skills. As Dance is physical art form, their bodies need to be in top condition. Most Dancers follow rigorous exercise routines daily so as to stay physically fit and meet the demands of the job. They also have to deal with the risk of potential injuries which can hurt or end their career. This creates a need for Dancers to have flexible, fit and strong bodies. It is to be kept in mind that most Dancers quit performing as they reach their mid - thirties as they can no longer meet the physical requirements. This age can vary depending upon your style of dance. For example, performers involved in Gymnastics and Acrobatic dance have more physically demanding careers than other Dancers. However, most Dancers, be it any style, cannot sustain the extremely disciplined and physically demanding lifestyle for long. To have a long and successful career as a Dancer, you not only dancing skills, but also need to have fit, strong and flexible bodies with a disciplined and focused approach towards life.

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Civil Engineers

Civil Engineering is a process that includes construction and maintenance of the natural and man – made environment that includes roads, dams, bridges etc. Civil Engineers are responsible for planning, maintaining and operating infrastructures while keeping the welfare of the environment and the public in mind. Civil Engineers often work in specialized sub – disciplines of this field such as Environmental Engineering, Mining Engineering, Urban Engineering etc. They are involved in making different kinds of structures including Buildings, Parks, Dams, Bridges etc.

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Civil Engineers conceptualize and design structures as per the requirements of the client. Once the structure has been planned, they need to be at the construction site at all times to make sure that the quality of materials being used for the construction is satisfactory and that the construction is taking place in the right manner. This involves working in harsh weather and hazardous environments. Therefore, Civil Engineers need to have a lot of stamina and physical endurance so that they can manage to work in these unfavorable conditions. The work of a Civil Engineer does not end till the structure is ready and functional. As the construction is generally of very large structures, this means long hours and lots of months of daily work. To be able to perform in such a hectic and physically demanding lifestyle, they should be physically fit and strong. Apart from a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Civil Engineering, you will require physical endurance, mental toughness and focus to become successful in this career.

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Production Managers

Production Managers are management professionals who overlook and supervise the production process of goods and services. Their main job is to plan, coordinate and control the manufacturing of products. They try to keep the production process running smoothly. There are jobs available for Production Managers in a lot of industries like the Food Manufacturing Industry, Automobile Manufacturing Companies, Garment Production etc. Production Managers need to be physically fit as they work for long hours in hot, noisy and hazardous environments.

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Production Managers constantly deal with pressure and adhere to deadlines. They might have to deal with emergency situations which require a person to work for very long hours at a stretch. Their job involves looking at every aspect of the production process closely. As they work in big factories, they have to constantly be on the move from one side of the production plant to the other. This creates the need for Production Managers to be physically fit and strong. Supervising the production process is not an easy job and can be physically and mentally taxing due to the long hours, constant pressure and continuous physical activity. To be able to reap the financial and other rewards of this career, you will need a Bachelor’s in Management and an M.B.A, along with which you will also require physical and mental toughness, endurance and focus.

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