Symbiosis Law School Pune

Senapati Bapat Road, Pune - 411004
Tel: 020-25655114, 25665117. Fax: 020-25671711

Affiliated to: Symbiosis International University


Diploma in Banking Laws (D.B.L.)
Diploma in Labour Laws and Labour Welfare (D.L.L. and L.W.)
Diploma in Arbitration, Conciliation and Alternative Dispute Resolution System (D.A.C.A.D.R.S.)
Diploma in Taxation Laws (D.T.L.)
Diploma in Business Laws and Corporate Laws in India (D.I.B.L.and C.L.I.)
Diploma in Cyber Laws (D.C.L.)
Diploma in Medical Jurisprudence (D.M.J.)
Diploma in Criminology and Penology (D.C.P.)
Diploma in Intellectual Property Laws ( D.I.P.L.)
Diploma in Human Rights Jurisprudence ( D.H.R.J.)
Diploma in Human Resource Management and Labour Laws ( D.H.R.M. and L.L.)
Diploma in Gender, Sexuality and Human Rights (D.G.S.H.R.)
Diploma in Media and Law (D.M.L.)
Diploma in Corporate Mergers and Acquisition ( D.C.M.A.)
Diploma in Paralegal Services ( D.P.S.)
Post Graduate Diploma in Tax Management

Certificate in Transnational Legal Practice
Certificate in Securities Law
Certificate in Sports and Entertainment Law
Certificate in Paralegal Services
Certificate in Nuclear Law
Certificate in Media and Telecommunication Law
Certificate in Maritime and Shipping Law
Certificate in Intellectual Property Law
Certificate in International Organization: Law, Practice and Future
Certificate in Insurance Law
Certificate in Human Rights Awareness and Literacy
Certificate in Gender and Law
Certificate in Gender, Human Rights and Legal Literacy
Certificate in European Union Legal Studies
Certificate in Energy Law
Certificate in Cyber Law
Certificate in Corporate and Business Law
Certificate in Banking Law
Certificate in Air and Space Law

Doctor of Philosophy, (Ph.D.).

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