Career prospects and academic options for graduates with a B.Sc. in Forestry


Careers that use your academic knowledge

Industries that hire

Roles you get

 Education, Timber Plantations, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Botanical/Zoological Parks, Media Houses, NGOs, Government Jobs.

Teacher, Activist, Research Assistant, Forest Officer, Wildlife Journalist, Documentary Film – Maker, Entry – level Government Official.


Careers that do not use your academic knowledge

Industries that hire

Roles you get

Sales and Operation Jobs, Creative Fields (Photography etc.), Advertising.

Entry – level Manager, Sales Executive, ,Wildlife  Photographer, Client Servicing, PR Executive.



Courses that are related to your Bachelors degree

M.Sc. – Forestry, Master’s in related fields like Agriculture, Aquaculture, Botany etc.
Can further go for Ph.D. degrees.


Courses/Exams that are not related to your Bachelors degree

M.B.A, Law, Combined Defense Services Exam, Civil Services, Master’s/Post Graduate Diploma in Documentary & Film Making/ Photography etc.

Careers With Different B Sc Degrees

Entrance Exam


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