Gap year after 12th standard

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I didn't get the desired score in competition exams and the board exams.ShoulI drop this year?Also should I take admission in a college while I prepare for my competitions next year?
Should you drop a year?
Your correct approach in your current circumstance would depend on your answers to these questions: A. What was the reason for not getting the desired score this time? Was it lack of effort? If yes, why? What makes you sure that you will be able to make the required effort next time? If you didn't do well this time despite a good effort, does it point to the need to change your goal? Is it best for you to consider other options? B. If you decide to retake the competition exam, you need to assess how do you work best? Can you sit at home preparing exclusively for the exam or would that become too monotonous for you? Are you the type who needs to interact with other people and do multiple things to stay happy and motivated? If you need the external interaction, you would rather take up an admission in another available course and prepare for the competition exams in parallel. Think on these lines and make your decision.

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