You think you can write well, great. You probably can understand the mechanics of writing fairly well. You got the tools. You now need to understand where and how to use the tools.

You write best in areas you are most passionate about. Figure out those areas and develop greater expertise on them. You might need to take an educational programme for your graduation related to the area of your interest.

Take Political Science if you are passionate about politics, Sociology if you wish to understand how communities develop and respond to situations, Psychology if you wish to understand how humans think and react, or even Science or Engineering if you are passionate about devices and technology or wish to write science fiction.

Your objective is to first understand how the world presently thinks on those issues. Only then can you start to develop your own point of view on them. When you can do this, you are ready to become a writer.

It can take time. You will need all the patience in the world to understand the area of your interest. And probably also a source of income in the interim so that you can survive till you can learn to express your craft.

Wannabe writers often become Freelance writers. Opportunities exist for freelance writing in the areas of web content writing, technical writing, resume writing, etc. Websites such as Elance.com are an excellent place to find freelancing jobs and make successful Online Careers.

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If you would rather be employed than be hunting for the next assignment always, you could join a Film or TV production company to work as a Scriptwriter for Films or TV programmes. Keep in mind that it is not easy to make a Career in Films.

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You can also be working as a Copywriter in the field of Advertising

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Many Writers achieve success in Careers related to the Publishing Industry as well.

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There is no one way to be a writer. Chetan Bhagat, India’s most commercially successful writer, studied engineering and business management, took a job as a banker, before chucking it all to start writing fiction. The similar career track of Amish Tripathi, author of the best selling The Immortals of Meluha, proves that Chetan Bhagat is not an exception but someone whose success confirms that what you have to say is more important in becoming a successful writer than your immaculate ability to put thoughts on paper.

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If you have the message you can easily find the support of a good editor to make sure your that your message is conveyed clearly enough.

Therefore, you will become a successful writer when you have something great and unique to say. To say something unique on the other hand requires the unusual ability to have unique perspectives in areas of your interest.   Start off following your areas of interest, study your favorite subjects and take up a job where you can grow the interest. Unique ideas to write will emerge this way and nothing will stop you from being a writer. Go ahead, look inside, discover your interests and follow them passionately.

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Steve Jobs, chief executive officer and co-founder of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, urged graduates to pursue their dreams, follow their interests & curiosities and see the opportunities in life's setbacks-- including death itself.