Tax Consultant

Start with a broad understanding of the career you want. Finer details will become apparent as you move forward. --- Jayashree Parthasarathy, Director, BMR Advisors, Bangalore

Becoming a lawyer was a childhood ambition, inspired by my father; therefore, choosing law appeared to be a no brainer.  While I opted for law as a career option with full intention of donning the black gown and representing clients before the highest courts in the land, I discovered into the second year of the profession that the same was not my cup of tea.  While court cases were exciting, they entailed a lot of waiting time, patience, postponements etc.  More importantly, the lead time for reaching the peak of the career seemed really long and not assured. Consulting evolved as a natural alternative given my keen interest in tax laws coupled with my penchant for ideating and solving interpretative issues including finding an optimal tax solution for transactions.  Becoming a tax consultant offered the possibility of doing what I like doing best in a great work environment filled with like minded people at a good salary.  

Being a Tax Consultant

The excitement in my role is in coming up with simple yet effective ideas and creative solutions in saving/ optimising taxes for clients within the four corners of the law.   The enjoyment is from new learnings on a daily basis, thanks to frequent changes in the Indian tax laws coupled with industry dynamics and technological advances which throw up new and newer issues and challenges. 

Becoming a Tax Consultant

For aspiring tax consultants, taking up Law/CA with a specialisation in taxes (direct or indirect) is the way forward. Ideal stream would Commerce and Accountancy; although economics is also an option. Post schooling, the recommended stream would be CA; although law is also an option. Internship at a small/ mid-size CA or law firm would be helpful.  

With the Indian direct and indirect tax laws set to undergo significant changes in the near future, be ready for an exciting future. Also the global alignment of tax laws could result in international opportunities as well in the coming future.  Career options will be available in finance/ taxation departments in business houses; a career in tax consulting in one of the big 4 accounting firms; a career in a law firm.  The path would lead to becoming the CFO in a business house or a partner in a consulting firm/ law firm.   

It is a profession and not a job and therefore, you need to be there for your client 24/7 if the occasion demands!  While we don’t save lives, our advise could save millions of dollars worth of taxes for our clients!

Jayashree's Educational and Professional Journey

BA Economics; Eithiraj College for Women; Madras University; Chennai; 1993
Bacherlor of Law; Dr Ambedkar Government Law College; Madras Universityl Chennai; 1996
Internship @ M/s Chandran, Karuppiah and Ramani, a law firm @ Chennai (September 1996 - December 1998)
Associate @ M/s Charktavarthy Associates, a CA firm @ Chennai January 1999 - April 2000)
Senior Associate @ Arthur Andersen, Chennai, a consulting firm (June 2000 - May 2002)
Senior Executive @ Ernst & Young, Chennai, a consulting firm (June 2002-June 2004)
Career Break - 2004-2009
Associate Director @ BMR Advisors, Bangalore, a consulting firm (June 2009- March 2012)
Director @ BMR Advisors, Bangalore, a consulting form (April 2012 till date)         

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