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My younger daughter is awaiting her Class X results. She is comparatively good at Maths, so we like her to opt the subject. However, we have got her admission with one of the coaching classes for the same. Since, 3 days she is attending the classes and right from then, she seems unhappy and wishes to quit the coaching. She is quite introvert and do not make friends easily. She joined classes very late, just for the reason of not able to choose the right stream for her. She says she is not getting the topics being taught. Is it because of late admission or lack of interest in the subject or due to her new atmosphere. Please guide, as to what should be done.
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If she joins a study programme mid way and is asked to study topic she's not familiar with which may even need a background that no one gave her, she would naturally struggle. You could put her for coaching in a batch that starts new for all students. Let her begin her studies correctly.

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