Copywriter Niranjan Natarajan

Ten reasons why you should be a copywriter

1. Every one gets up when the ads come on TV.
You prefer to walk in. (Passion)

2. You went through Nursery with a bevy of friends
of the opposite sex, learning to rhyme ball with doll. (Fun)

3. You edited the school blog and discovered the
Keyboard is mightier than the sword. No
CA exams for you (Joy of getting work published)

4. You ghost write all those SMS’ for your love sick friends with a
great conversion ratio (Insights)

5. You top class, are the cultural sec and get it all done
in time for your date. (Multi task)

6. You buy tickets for the movie and walk out after the ads ( Prioritize)

7. Your idea of a job list is : Shoot with Katrina ( Perks over pay)

8. You read anything, even mind numbing FB updates (Curiosity)

9. Dat iz gud isn’t you (Written skills)

10. You think the ad guys are getting paid for nothing and
- What were they thinking – I can do better (Ego)

Niranjan Natarajan has been with Ogilvy, Grey, JWT ( Executive Creative Director) and has been rated as the top 20 creative directors by Brand Equity. He has won over 45 awards - both international and national. Started Why Axis Advertising and Design at Bangalore with the belief questions are more difficult than answers.

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