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Which subjects do I choose in arts if I have ti make choice in economics and hindi
Choice of Subjects
Your choice of other subjects with Economics and Hindi would depend on what you plan to study at the Bachelor's level and what you plan to do after graduating. You may not be sure about all this right now, but the only way to go about making a decision on your choice of subjects is by getting a view of your future. You may not be completely sure, but none of us are. Do your research on the careers with economics. What would you like to become? An economist working in the space of building public policy, a banker, a business person, a lawyer, an entrepreneur? Do your research on these professions to identify your goal. Choosing subjects would become easy thereafter. If you want help, go on to your CareerLever dashboard and go through MyInterests and MyPursuits to seek our help in figuring all this out.

Entrance Exam


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