Like to watch Masterchef or other cookery shows on TV? Or like cooking new dishes? Read on…

Chefs cook professionally for other people. It is a highly skilled, inventive and key role in the hospitality industry. In hotels, restaurants, catering halls the chef’s job is to plan the menu and manage his team in the kitchen to prepare and serve dishes with expertise.

There are many different chef titles - Chef De Cuisine is the executive or head chef in a kitchen, Sous Chef is the under-chef and second in command, Chef De Partie is also known as the station chef or Line cook, etc.

The challenge is to cook food, which not just tastes delicious, but also looks appealing. So if you love to cook and can be creative about it, this could be an exciting career. Remember, it is also a lot of hard work because one has to be on ones feet for long hours, be unfazed by the hustle, bustle & the heat in the kitchen!

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You can complete class 12 or equivalent in any subjects. English is the only required subject. After 12th, interested candidates have to appear in an entrance test conducted by NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR HOTEL MANAGEMENT AND CATERING TECHNOLOGY (NCHMCT JEE) for admission to their about 50 affiliated institutes of hotel management across India. Aspirants can also opt for good private / international institutions. These exams are held every year in the month of April to June and contain objective type question on relevant subjects. The results are usually announced by June-July.

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1. Look for internship opportunities in a restaurant, even if it is in a non-cooking position. You will learn what it is like to be on your feet for long hours.
2. Apprenticeships in restaurants will help you get hands on experience before you advance up the culinary ladder in larger restaurants – like Line chef, sous chef, head chef and finally master chef.
3. Keep reading cook books and culinary magazines/ journals. Because at some point in time, you will need to decide what type of cooking /cuisine you would like to do and what type of kitchen you would like to work in. Learning about a variety of foods, herbs, spices, preparation techniques from different cultures, exploring new and different presentation techniques would stand you in good stead.
4. Last but not the least, spend as much time as you can in your own kitchen, exploring ingredients, and experimenting with tastes. 

Chefs and cooks

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