Careers in Marketing

Marketing helps create awareness about a product in the minds of the user. Once the awareness gets built, it helps develop relevance and connectedness between the product and the user. The ads you see on television or the internet or the newspaper are all an outcome of marketing. With the rise of advertising on the internet, Online Marketing has become important for every small and large organization.
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Different Career Tracks In Marketing
Market research 
This is about the research that goes on to understanding the users of the product. The survey form you may have filled sometime, either in a restaurant or online is meant to help the research person understand you as a consumer. 
Market researchers specialize in different quantitative and qualitative research techniques. They work in in-house research departments of companies or in specific market research agencies. Starting off as Market Research Executives, they go on to become Supervisors, Analysts, Managers and Directors.
Product or Brand management
Product or Brand managers are people within the organization who assume full responsibility of the product. They map the market, size up opportunities, scan competition and create the marketing strategy. They also execute the strategy.

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Advertising and media professionals work mainly in advertising agencies and help companies that produce products reach out to their potential and current users. They help develop the advertising strategy, build the ads and put them up in different media such as television, newspapers and internet. 
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The Public Relations professionals disseminate news about the company and its products and services to its customers and partners through newspapers, magazines, television and internet. Their job is to write stories about the company or its products and activities that the media can carry as news. 
How to get into a Marketing career
Graduation in any stream is ok – from Arts, to Commerce, to Science and Engineering. But without sales experience or an MBA/ PG Diploma in Marketing, it might be difficult to get a job in Marketing. In fact, many MBAs also, once they join organizations, are typically put through a mandatory ‘sales stint’ before they are considered for Marketing positions. The thinking behind that is, Marketing means servicing customers, and that includes selling.
Sales jobs, on the other hand are open to graduates too (sometimes to even under-graduates). So, if you want to gain some sales experience before, during or after graduation, and then take up an MBA course, that might make sense – because, now-a-days, more & more B-schools are preferring to take people with some work experience. 
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The only way to learn how to sell is to try it. And if selling is the only way to get into Marketing, why not give it a try by taking some internship even in high school? Say as a sales person in a retail shop? Or just set up stalls at a school fete & try selling stuff?
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Finally, the gift of the gab (the ability to talk your way through any situation) is over-emphasized in the sales and marketing profession. Similarly, creative thinking is over-emphasized. The fact is that like any other career, all rounded personalities move up the ladder and build great careers.

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