7 Reasons Why You Should Join the Armed Forces

The Indian Armed Forces comprise the Army, Navy and the Air Force. Joining the Armed Forces has always been seen as an attractive career opportunity by the youth. The fact that a large portion of the youth that enrolls itself in the Armed Forces every year proves that it continues to be a promising profession for the youngsters of today.

Even though everybody has their own reasons for joining this profession, there are many common motivations behind people wanting to join the Armed Forces. This list will tell you about those 7 reasons that are the main reason behind why most people join the Armed Forces and why you should too.


A very big part of your job as a member of the Armed Forces is adventure. The Army, Navy and the Air Force offer very adventurous careers for individuals. Fighting for your country and encountering difficult situations provides a base for a very adventurous career that is nothing like a regular 9 to 5 job. You will lead a life full of unpredictability, honor, victory and danger. It is a career that will provide you with the opportunity to interact with different people, travel to new locations, fight for your country and live life with a sense of belonging towards your country. You will have opportunities to show your courage and deal with danger so as to protect your own life and protect the honor of your country. You might get chances to cross rivers, climb mountains and survive in such dynamic environments. It is probably one of the most adventurous careers in the world and is great for people who are continuously looking for new challenges and new adventures.


Another reason that motivates people to join the Armed Forces is the benefits that are given to the soldiers in the Army, Navy and the Air Force. These benefits are varying in nature; some are monetary whereas others are benefits like holidays, study leaves etc. Even though the monetary remuneration in the Armed Forces is not as high as the remuneration in the corporate world, the benefits offered to the soldiers make up for it. Monetary benefits are provided in many ways such as subsidy on travel, subsidized housing in cantonments, low interest loans etc. These benefits along with many others including concessions and healthcare insurance make the Armed Forces a very viable career option. If seen in pure monetary terms, the value of such benefits along with the pay would amount to the same as the salary of a corporate employee. The benefits offered by the Armed Forces are of great help to the members of the Armed Forces and their families. Compared to any other profession, this career offers the maximum amount of benefits apart from the salary or pay. To know the Top 7 Money Making careers, click here.


There is no doubt that the members of the Armed Forces are one of the most respected professionals in any society. And why shouldn’t they be? They risk their lives and survive in harsh conditions so that normal civilians can live in peace and be proud of their country. People understand their immense contribution and are also fascinated by their bravery and discipline. Also, societies value the members of the Armed Forces for fighting for the country and eliminating the enemies of the state. All of these feelings of gratefulness along with awe and fascination make people develop an immense amount of respect towards the Armed Forces. Professionals of the Armed Forces are respected for their selfless and courageous nature as well as for their discipline, technical and tactical skills. To know the Top 7 Respected Careers, click here.

Acquiring Skills

Another big reason that makes people join the Armed Forces is acquiring important and exclusive skills. These skills are very diverse in nature and can comprise of physical skills such as strength and stamina or mental skills such as calmness and courage. Such skills are imparted through the various training programs carried out in the defense academies. These skills are very important for any individual as they make a person more confident, strong and boost their chances for success. What is important to keep in mind that these skills can be applied to a variety of professions in different spheres and are not necessarily Armed Forces – centric. Success can be found in other professions as well using skills like discipline, etiquette, physical strength etc. This becomes one of the main reasons due to which people join the Armed Forces.

Serving your Country

There can be no bigger reason behind joining the Armed Forces than the fact that you will get an opportunity to serve the country. In the Armed Forces, you will be responsible for maintaining the safety of the nation and protecting its honor. You will get the chance to fight and eliminate the enemies of the nation so as to make sure that India’s flag keeps flying high. The members of the Armed Forces serve the country more than any other professional and are also very important in handling and tackling emergency situations such as natural disasters. They get various opportunities to work for the welfare of their country and its citizens. If your aim is to serve the country and contribute towards its development and progress, than there can be no better option than joining the Armed Forces.

Using Sophisticated Machinery

Are you fascinated by guns, rifles, airplanes, fighter jets, warships? As a member of the Armed Forces, you can get a chance to use such high – tech and expensive machinery. As a soldier in the Army, you might get chances to operate huge tanks, missiles and rifles. In the Navy, you will get opportunities to work and live on high – tech warships that are equipped to attack the enemy and defend the country. In the Air Force, you will get opportunities to operate high – tech airplanes and fighter jets that have are capable of attacking and destroying the enemy. The equipment and machinery found in the Armed Forces is out of reach for normal citizens due to legal, technical and economic constraints. Such machinery is extremely expensive and most people cannot even dream of seeing such equipment in their lives, let alone operating it. The Armed Forces will provide you with the opportunity to use and operate such expensive and high – tech machinery which can be found in no other profession in the world.


If you like to travel and constantly visit new places, the Armed Forces can be great for you. The Armed Forces requires soldiers to continuously relocate from one region to the other across the country. This provides soldiers with the opportunity to visit new places and interact with new people as well as learn about new cultures. You might also get a chance to travel internationally and live in foreign countries for a variety of purposes. Most importantly, all of this travel is free and paid for by the Government of the country. The nature of the Armed Forces is such that you will definitely get the opportunity to travel across the country and you might also travel to remote locations during times of adversities and wars. The members of the Armed Forces have to shift from one place to the other as per orders and are normally followed by their families. So if you like travelling and visiting new places, the Armed Forces could be a perfect option that will provide you with free travel all across the country.


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