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Working While Studying In The UK

International students in the U.K have the option of working part – time during the course of their study. Working while studying helps students gain important experience as well as earn some extra money on the side. Even though the money you earn from such work will not be enough to help you fund your education, it can certainly help ease the financial burden on you and your family by funding a part of your living expenses while you are in the U.K. 

Part – Time work

Most International students in the U.K choose to do part – time jobs alongside their studies. Such jobs help students pay for their living and personal expenses as well as give them a chance to experience the U.K work culture.

Unlike the U.S, where you are generally not allowed to work off – campus, universities in the U.K allow international students to take up on – campus and off – campus jobs as long as they are not self – employed or work as sportsmen or professional entertainers. You will be allowed to work as a professional entertainer only if you’re studying any of the performing arts including dance or music.

Students pursuing degree courses are allowed to only work part – time, i.e. not more than 20 hours per week while the semester is in session. However, you can choose to work full – time during vacations.

The average salaries are in between the range of 5 – 15 pounds per hour but there can be fluctuations depending upon the nature of work. Most common part – time jobs include working in the retail and hospitality sectors.

To work part – time, you will need to have a ‘National Insurance Number’. This is a unique personal number and is required to show your contributions to the National Insurance of the U.K. You will need to create this as soon as you get a job.

Keep in mind that you will need to adhere to your college or universities’ guidelines and regulations with regards to part – time work as not all universities allow international students to work at the undergraduate level. For example, the University of Cambridge does not allow undergraduate students to work part – time or full – time while the course is in session.

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