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Why Study in Canada?

Canada is one of the most popular destinations in the world for international students. It is known internationally for its excellent education system and high standards of living.

The very fact that according to recent rankings, 5 of the top 100 universities in the world are from Canada, speaks volumes about its highly valued and effective education system.

Every year, an increasing number of international students choose to pursue their higher education in Canada. This is due to a variety of reasons, including the quality of education, low costs, post – study work opportunities etc.


Quality of Education

Canadian universities are internationally recognized for their quality and high standards of education. As a matter of fact, a Canadian degree is considered to equivalent to one procured from a university in the U.S or the Commonwealth countries like the U.K and Australia.

Degrees from Canadian universities are accepted and valued by employers all over the world. There is a big chance that once you complete your Bachelor’s degree from a university in Canada, you will get a good job with a decent pay – package.

Quality assurance is also a major part of the Canadian education system. Various organizations, including the Government, are responsible for ensuring that Canadian universities maintain the required standards of education.


Affordable Education

One of the biggest reasons behind international students choosing to study in Canada is the low cost of education and living. In terms of average tuition fee rates, Canada happens to be cheaper as compared to many other countries, including the U.S, the U.K and Australia.

The annual tuition fee for international students at the Algoma University, Ontario for Arts based courses is somewhere around Rs. 8,00,000 – Rs. 10,00,000. In contrast to this, a typical university in the U.S, say Boston University, charges International students approximately Rs. 26, 40,000 per year as tuition fee.

Keep in mind that not all universities in Canada cost the same. Some highly reputed universities like the University of Toronto charge somewhere around Rs. 18,00,000 – Rs. 20,00,000 per year for Arts based courses.

However, on an average it can be said that studying in Canada will enable you to receive world – class education while paying a much smaller amount than what you would have to pay to receive that particular standard of education in some other country like the U.S or Australia.


Post – Study Work Opportunities

Another big advantage of studying in Canada is that you will easily be allowed to stay on and work after your course finishes. This is possible due to the ‘Post Graduate Work Permit Program’ or the PGWPP.

Through the PGWPP, international students with a degree from a Canadian university can stay on in Canada and gain essential work experience without having to return to their home country. This work experience can be vital to your resume and help you get better jobs with higher salaries.

Not only that, but gaining work experience in Canada will also help you apply for Permanent Residency in Canada if you wish to.


Flexibility and Choice

The Canadian education system allows international students to choose from a variety of options with regards to the course, the subject and the university. Canada is home to more than 90 universities that offer excellent courses in varied fields including Medicine, Engineering, Arts, Business, Science etc.

Not only that, but students can also decide to pursue courses that focus solely on academics or pursue courses that focus on practical training along with academics.

As far as flexibility is concerned, the Canadian education system is very similar to the U.S. You will be allowed to choose the focus of your study (Major) as well as a secondary focus (Minor). Most universities will also allow you to pursue a Double Major.

Most Canadian universities also allow you to have an ‘Undecided’ major for the 1st of year of your study. You can use this year to explore different courses and fields so that you can make a well – informed decision regarding your major by your 2nd year.




Multi – Cultural Society

Canada as a country is very welcoming towards people from all cultures and ethnicities. As an international student, you will get the opportunity to interact with different people and learn about their beliefs, practices and culture.

This will enable you to broaden your thinking and become more receptive towards people with beliefs that are different from your own.

The very fact that Canada is a bilingual country (English and French) helps international students develop skills in more than 1 language. This can prove to be a valuable asset on your resume and boost your chances of getting a good job.


Great Place to Live in

Canada is considered to be one of the most livable countries in the world due to its low crime rate and strong economy. People from all walks of life are accepted in Canada and everybody is equal in the eyes of the law regardless of their race, gender and ethnicity. Canadians are generally friendly and peaceful by nature.

All these factors can be of great help while getting used to living and studying in a new country. The presence of an active Indian community in Canada can also help you adjust during the initial days of your course.


Vibrant Campus Life

Another great advantage of studying in Canada is that you will experience a very vibrant and dynamic campus life which will allow you to explore other aspects of your personality apart from academics.

Every university in Canada has a variety of clubs and associations which allow like – minded students to interact with each other and participate in various extra – curricular activities. You will have access to excellent infrastructural facilities in all areas including technology, sports, arts etc.

This practical learning and innovation – driven environment will motivate you to discover and experience new things as well as develop and hone your skills in areas of your interest.

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