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Why Study in Australia?

Australia has the third highest number of International students in the world. Its education system combined with the diverse culture and natural beauty of the environment make it a very popular destination for students who wish to study abroad.

According to recent rankings, 7 of the top 100 universities in the world are Australian. Apart from the quality of the education, there are many other reasons that convince students to study in Australian universities including the widely available financial aids, consumer protection policies etc.

Research – Oriented Universities

Like all the other top universities in the world, universities in Australia also have a strong focus on research. As per the Australian Government, as many as 50,000 people in higher education are in activities related to Research and Development. Australia is home to one of the world’s biggest and most prestigious research organizations in the world, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO).

Universities in Australia focus on developing research skills amongst their students. Independent study as well as innovative thinking is highly encouraged. Students are allowed to state their opinions and shape them in a constructive manner.

Studying in Australia will provide you with access to world – class infrastructure and research facilities. The research being carried out in Australian universities helps students broaden their horizons and gives them the motivation to create, innovate and discover.

Quality Assurance

Unlike many other countries, Australia focuses on ensuring that universities provide the highest quality education to all students. Organizations like the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) and the Ombudsman organization are responsible for regularly assessing the quality of education being provided in Australia’s higher education universities and addressing international student grievances respectively.

Various laws like the Tuition Protection Service and the Education Service for Overseas Students (ESOS) also protect the interests of international students in Australia.

Overall, it can be said that you can be assured of quality education if you choose to study in Australia due to the strict and rigorous framework of the quality assurance systems in place. This helps convince students to choose to study in Australia as they know that their academic and financial interests will be protected.


In terms of flexibility, universities in Australia follow a structure that is very similar to the U.S education system. You will be allowed to choose the focus of your graduate study (major) as well as certain additional subjects. Most universities will also provide you with the option to pursue a double major or a major along with a minor.

This system is very helpful for students who are not sure about the career they wish to join after they graduate as they will be able to study a variety of subjects as per their interests and then decide which subject  they would like to pursue as their major.

And for the ones who are sure about the career they wish to join, this flexibility proves to be an added bonus as you will have the option of pursuing additional subjects that might add to your skills – set and make you a strong candidate for employers all over the world.

Culture and Diversity

Australia is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. You will come across students from a variety of cultures and nationalities during your period of study in Australia. This helps international students open up to different opinions and ways of life as well as meet people with common ideologies from different parts of the world.

Not only that, but the laid – back and friendly Australian culture also provides students with the opportunity to relax and live in a safe environment during their course of study. You will get the opportunity to experience many other aspects of life apart from academics including arts like theater and music, sports like Rugby and Cricket etc.

Financial Aids and Scholarships

Another reason why many International students choose to study in Australia is due to the generous financial aids offered to International students by Australian universities and the Government of Australia.

International students can make use of various scholarships offered by Australian universities in order to drastically reduce their expenditure while studying in Australia. For example, institutions like the University of Melbourne offer international students with scholarships that allow a 100% remission from tuition fees.

These bursaries, scholarships and financial aids help international students deal with the costs of studying abroad in a country like Australia. Making use of such scholarships and aids can make studying in Australia very affordable for you and your family and proves to be a major factor in driving students to pursue courses in Australian universities.

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