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Application Timeline - Study in USA

The education system in the U.S is way more flexible compared to India, but the application process is much more complicated. You will be required to apply to every college separately and therefore you will need to be very sure about the colleges you wish to join before the start of the application process. Not only that, unlike in India, where the admission is primarily based on your score, the U.S education system considers the applicant’s score as only one of the many criteria on the basis of which they admit students.

The academic session in U.S colleges usually commences around the months of August – September, but you will need to start with your preparations around 1½ years in advance in order to be a part of the batch attending that session!

It might seem like a daunting process, but applying to a college in the U.S is not that difficult if you plan efficiently and make intelligent choices. The application process basically consists of 11 steps that are to be completed within a period of 1½ years or 18 months.


1. Decide the course/field you want to join

Based on your interests, desires and aptitude.

2. Research about the U.S.

Why do you want to study in the U.S.? Find out about all important aspects like Education System, Culture, Job Prospects, and Expenditure. Is your course one of the top courses of the U.S?


3. Make a list of colleges you would want to join

Based on course content, reputation, location, costs etc. Find out about the eligibility criteria and tests required to be taken for the course. Start short listing.

4. Tests

Apply for the tests as per course and college requirements. Prepare and appear for the tests in due time. TOEFL, SAT – 1, SAT – 2 etc.



5. Start application process

Procure and start filling forms, arrange documents, SOPs, Test Marks and Recommendation letters.

6. Decide on funding

How will you fund your studies? Would you need financial aids? If yes, then consider all options including loans, scholarships etc. Start budgeting and find ways to reduce costs.

7. Complete application forms and send them

Fill forms, arrange and attach documents and apply to colleges. Apply to at least 3 – 7 colleges.



8. Choose Colleges

On the basis of the replies you get from colleges, choose the most ideal option. Procure ‘I – 20’ form. Send letters of regret and confirmation letters.

9. Decide on accommodation

Do you prefer to live on – campus or off – campus? Consider costs and budget.



10. Apply for Visas

Complete necessary documentation. Appear for the interview and submit required financial statements. Specify Non – Immigrant intent.

11. Get Visa, Pack, Book Flight and Fly away!

Make necessary travel arrangements. Appear for pre –departure orientation programs if required.

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