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Our start-to-finish study abroad consulting service will make the cumbersome study abroad process effective and efficient for you. Geared to meet your unique requirements with our extensive research on courses and colleges, the service will help you make intelligent decisions and apply smartly.  

You can subscribe to our start-to-finish service consisting of three main parts and several sub-parts in each. You can also subscribe to one or more specific sub-parts. 

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Start By Making A Career Plan

First and foremost, we will create a ‘Career Goals Statement’ or CGS that fits you perfectly.

A CGS is a concise statement that will define exactly what you wish to achieve in your career and life in the coming years. It identifies your priorities that eventually shape career decisions.

The CGS will bring out the career you wish to join and the course that will take you towards that career. It will also indicate whether you wish to work abroad, come back to India or study more.

How Does A CGS Help Me? 

Every decision that you will make regarding studying abroad becomes much easier if you have a defined CGS in front of you, be it choosing courses, choosing colleges, deciding study destinations and so on. Knowing what you want from your future will allow you to make the right decisions today.

A CGS will act as a pointer that will guide you to the direction you should be moving towards in terms of your course and career. It will remove all uncertainty about your present and future.

What Does the Service Include?

To create a unique CGS for you, we will hold several discussions on E – mail and phone to try and gain a sense of your interests, your ambitions, what motivates you, what doesn’t motivate you and what you see yourself doing in the next 5 years.

On the basis of the information you provide and our assessments regarding the same, we will come up with a clear, concise and precise CGS for you within 2 days (from the date you confirm the order).

Choose Courses

Take our help in choosing the ideal courses for you.

Through our ‘Choose a Course’ Service, we help you decide the course/s you should pursue. From all the various courses that you can pursue in your desired subject, we will help you select the ones that are most ideal for you.

When you consider studying a particular subject abroad, a vast range of courses opens up for you. Some courses might be longer in duration and some short, some might focus on theory and some might focus on practical training, some might be cheaper and some more expensive. We’ll help you decide what suits you best.

You might have certain courses in mind already, but they might not necessarily be the right ones for you. Our ‘Choose a Course’ service will help broaden your outlook, possibly introducing you to new types of courses that you never knew existed.

What Does the Service Include?

We will first work on understanding your Study Interests and Career Options. The aim will be to understand you as a person and as a student as what might suit you might not be good for another individual.

Through several discussions, we will gain an insight into your personality type, interests, academic leanings, future plans etc. Your past academic and co – curricular record will also be taken into account.

On the basis of our understanding of your strengths, weaknesses and future plans, we will suggest to you the best possible course options for your undergraduate degree.

The academic content and prospects of the various course options will be discussed with you.The course options will be discussed with you to make you understand why certain options are good for you and why certain ones are not.

The prospective course options might be narrowed down to a more concise list keeping in mind any restrictions such as financial limitations, preferences to study in a particular country, after visa – work options etc.In case you already have certain courses in mind, we will help you assess whether they are ideal options and if you should consider any other or similar courses.

At all times during this process, your personal preferences and individual circumstances will be taken into account. You will be free to make suggestions and ask for more options.

Select Colleges

Majority of colleges you will apply to may fall into either of the following categories:

1. Colleges that were always highly unlikely to offer you admission

2. Colleges that you wouldn’t join even if they offer you admission

You need to understand which colleges you don’t want/want to join. And you need to know which college is likely to accept you.

Through our ‘Select Colleges’ service, we help you select colleges that don't fall into either of the two categories mentioned above, saving you time, effort and money.

We will help you apply to an ‘ideal’ set of colleges that will be the closest possible match between the colleges that are likely to accept you and the colleges that you really want to join.

What Does the Service Include?

Through our ‘Select Colleges’ service, we will provide you with a list of 6 – 8 colleges that you should apply to. These colleges will meet most of your needs, if not all. This list is created after due consideration of a number of important factors.

We will take into account colleges you aspire to get into, colleges most apt for you with respect to your background and credentials, and those that match your goals after completion of the program. We will consider their reputations, costs, and location.

After we provide you with a list, we will discuss it with you and take into account any feedback you might have to offer. Working this way, we will finalize a list that takes into account all factors.

Application Strategy

There is a time for everything.

Admissions in universities in the U.S is a long drawn out proces that can last over a year. It is based on several factors rather than solely on your academics.

Creating an ‘Application Strategy’ before starting to apply to different colleges is important to avoid missing out on an important step or getting applications rejected for trivial reasons.

By when you should take the tests, build a list of colleges to apply, complete the documentation, which round to apply to in which universities - we will guide you how to apply, when to apply and how to go about the whole application process.

What Does the Service Include?

We will work with you to create a ‘Personalized Application Timeline’ (PAT) for you.

A PAT will specify the time periods within which you should complete different parts of the application process for all the colleges you wish to apply to. For example, your PAT will specify when you need to complete your Personal Statements and Essays, by when you need to arrange Recommendation Letters or by when we will have your backup plan rolling and so on.

The PAT will specify periods when you need to focus on the tests, prepare the essays, arrange recommendations, execute back-up plans, etc.

Write Applications

This is where the real thing starts.

Admissions are based on several factors including your academic record, past extra – curricular activities, future goals and plans, personality traits along with several other factors that vary from course to course. To gain admission, you will need to substantiate each of these factors through your application form.

You will be required to submit academic transcripts (mark sheets), fill out the objective details in the application forms, arrange recommendation letters, convey your future goals, personality traits, etc. through the essays that come in a Question – Answer format.

Apart from these, you might be required to submit a Portfolio or a Resume (depends on course) etc.

Working with you on all of these, we will help you create a strong application which will boost your chances of receiving an admission offer.

What Does the Service Include?

We will help you understand what the colleges are expecting to learn about you through the essays. We will brainstorm with you to identify the most relevant and distinctive aspects of your experiences and personality for the essays. And we will edit the essays to bring out your thoughts and ideas clearly through them.

Depending upon the course, college you’re applying to, there may be some aspects of your personality that can be highlighted to strengthen your application. For example, you might be really involved in Theater but applying for a course in Computer Science. We will help you present such information in a way that it contributes to the strength of your application.

Apart from your Personal Essays, we will also help you fill other parts of your application, such as extra – curricular activities, interests or other such details. We will help you distribute all your relevant experiences between the essays and the application.

We will guide you regarding documents you will need and how you should go about collecting them. For example, in the case of Recommendation Letters, we will advise you as to which Teachers/Individuals you should approach (differs from student to student) and give them a summary of your key strengths to help them write your Recommendation Letters.

In case you have any weaknesses in your application, such as low marks or lack of extra – curricular activities, we will guide you how to address them through the application.

Accept Offers

Here is the time for real decision making.

Many applicants believe that the decision making process ends after they apply to colleges/universities in the U.S. However, the reality is that some of the most crucial decisions regarding studying abroad are made after you apply to the universities. The most important of them is deciding which college to join from the ones that have offered you admission.

The decision gets more complicated if you’re put on a waitlist. What do you then?

There are many factors you will need to consider before you decide – the course, the reputation, the expenditure etc. This can be more challenging than it appears. One college might be more expensive but have a better reputation, whereas another might be much cheaper but not have a stellar reputation. What suits you more?

What Does the Service Include?

In case you receive multiple admission offers, we will lay out the important factors in front of you so that you consider the different perspectives and choose wisely.

We will assess each college on the basis of factors that are important to you such as Cost, Course Content, College Reputation, Financial Aids, Location, Campus Life and prospects after graduating.

We will list out the pros and cons of each college offer and suggest which college will suit you best.

If need be, we might refer to certain internet sources, contact alumni of the college, speak to the admission office/student groups of the college in order to help you decide.

In case you wish to defer your admission, we will assess your situation and decide whether it is the right option for you or not after considering your personal preferences.

If you’re placed on the Waitlist, we will study your situation and suggest the future course of action. If the college is one of your top – priority ones, you might want to stay on the waitlist. If it’s not, you might want to consider other offers or apply to other colleges.

In case you do not receive any offers, we will assess why the applications could’ve been unsuccessful and suggest a new list of colleges that you might want to apply to. Under most circumstances, these will be colleges that are less competitive than the ones you had applied to previously.

At all times, your personal preference and suggestions will be kept in mind. All decisions will be taken after consultations and detailed discussions with you.

Plan Finances

Quantify how much you will spend and when.

Scholarships are good to have but they are difficult to get.

Bank loans are expensive but they can bridge the gap between the required money and your pocket.

Through our ‘Funding your Education’ service, we will help you plan your education finances in detail.

We will help you build a funding plan for your education.

What Does the Service Include?

We will create a detailed ‘Cash Flow Statement’ or CFS for you keeping your college, course and living expenses in mind. This will be for your entire course.

The CFS will mention in detail how much money you will need and when you will need it (the time periods as per year/semester).

This will provide you an overview of how much money you need immediately, how much money you’ll need next year/semester and so on.

In case there is need for financial aid, we will provide you options and help you plan for them. We will help you explore loans and apply for possible scholarships.

Different options suit different students. What is right for you depends on individual circumstances. We will match your needs with the available options.

Apply For Visa

Finally, the final step.

We will make the visa application process simpler and quicker for you by providing you with a detailed overview of the process in advance.

You will know what documents to arrange, how to arrange them as well as when and where to submit them.

Immigration authorities focus on 2 things before providing a foreign student with a visa – whether the student is serious about his/her studies and whether the student has the ability to fund his/her education and stay in the U.S.

We will tell you how you can prove both these points through your financial and other documents thus increasing your chances of being granted a visa.

What Does the Service Include?

We will give you a detailed overview of the visa application process and its different stages, along with the time frames. You will be provided with a ‘Visa Application Flowchart’ for the same. We will assist you in collecting the necessary documents for the Visa Application.

You will need to show financial proof that you are capable of funding your studies in the U.S. We will assist you in identifying the documents that will work. We will tell you how you can improve the strength of your application through your financial statements and other documents.

The most daunting aspect of the visa application process is the Interview. We will prepare you for the possible interview questions. We will guide you with the dos and don’ts for the interview.

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