Why RIASEC is the best career assessment tool for you?

For decades now, John Holland’s RIASEC codes is the most popular career tool used by schools and colleges worldwide to help students choose careers, study streams and college majors.

The codes were developed by John Holland, the 2008 recipient of the Award for Distinguished Scientific Applications of Psychology by the American Psychological Association (1), for his work in the area of career psychology.

As per Jack R Rayman of Pennsylvania State University (2): While other theories of career development have received similar acclaim, other classification systems have attained some acceptance, and other interventions have gained a degree of popularity, no other system has achieved the high level integration of theory, research, and practice that distinguishes the Holland system.

As per Gary D. Gottfredson of Gottfredson Associates, Inc., (3) John L. Holland’s monumental research, theoretical, and practical contributions have irrevocably altered the manner in which career assistance is delivered around the world.

John Holland conceived the RIASEC model working in the US army. As he characterized recruits according to a military form he developed the belief that many people exemplify common psychological types, although his psychology education had fostered the belief that people are infinitely complex. He went on to develop the six categories of Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional in 1959. The theory went through immense scrutiny in the years thereafter. He continued to clarify, defend and elaborate his theory, even revising it twice to give it a clearer and sounder scientific base. The most recent enhancement to the theory happened in 1997.

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