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The Advertising Industry has been considered to be an attractive career option for creative individuals since long. You get to create Print Ads, TV Commercials, Radio Ads, and Internet Ads. But what is it really like to work in the Advertising Industry? Find out below.

What are the jobs really about?

Persuading Consumers to Buy

The basic purpose of all advertising is to convince the consumer to purchase a product. Professionals in this industry find innovative ways to inform the public about how they will benefit if they purchase a particular product. All jobs in the Advertising Industry revolve around understanding what the client wants to sell, finding the best and most convincing ways to sell that product and eventually creating an ad that is persuasive enough to boost its sales.

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As a professional working in this industry, you can be working in creative roles like Copywriters, Visualizers and Creative Directors or work in non – creative roles like Project Managers, Account Managers, Client Servicing, Media Managers, Planners, Researchers and Analysts. Irrespective of the role you’ve been assigned, you will be contributing towards at least one part of the process of creating an advertisement.

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Why do people work in the Advertising Industry?

To Use Creativity

The single biggest reason behind people wanting to work in the Advertising Industry is that it is one of those rare creative careers that offer a stable income. A lot of people who are creative and do not want to be performing routine tasks on a daily basis end up in Advertising. This is primarily because the Advertising Industry provides creative professionals with immense job satisfaction as they get to use their creativity and imagination to create campaigns, ads and taglines that will be used to sell products across the nation, sometimes worldwide. Not only that, but unlike other creative professions like Performing arts, Painters, and Writers etc. Advertising provides professionals with readily available jobs and a stable salary.

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Glamour is a very big part of the Advertising industry. As a person working in this industry, you are creating beautiful (and sometimes famous) ads that are seen by a large number of people across the country. Not only that, but working in this industry often involves interacting with celebrities and famous personalities during ad shoots, photo shoots, promotional events etc. All of this adds to the glamour quotient which often serves as a big motivating factor behind people wanting to work in the Advertising Industry.

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What is it like to work in the Advertising Industry?

Long Hours, Odd Schedules

Advertising is not a typical 9 – 5 job. Professionals in this industry regularly work for very long hours and stay at office till late. Not only that, but it is also a regular practice for professionals to be asked to do work – related activity from home on the weekends or on holidays, if need be. People who manage to succeed in this industry are the ones who are willing to put in the extra hours whenever required and who do not let the demands of the job affect their performance at work.

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Stress, Deadlines and Brainstorming

Working in the Advertising Industry involves constantly dealing with deadlines and meeting targets. Additionally, the nature of the job is such that it requires a lot of brainstorming and innovative thinking to come up with the concept of a single advertisement. Both these factors together make the job very stressful as ideally creative thinking and a shortage of time do not go together. Professionals who manage to make it big in this industry are the ones who can stay cool and calm during stressful situations and who are motivated to overcome challenges.

Dealing with Clients

Jobs in the Advertising Industry involve regularly dealing with clients, which might or might not be a pleasant experience. As a professional working in this industry, you will be required to interact with the client, find out what he/she wants from the ad campaign, create a concept based on the client’s desires and get the concept approved from the client. This can be a very difficult task as many times clients do not know what they want from the campaign and very often they fail to realize the potential of a concept in the first go. Additionally, clients often have unreasonable demands that are very difficult to adhere to.

The people who succeed in this industry are the ones who have exceptional persuasion and communication skills which can be used to clearly understand what the client wants and also to convince the client regarding the potential of a particular concept or idea.

Multi – Talented

Working in the Advertising industry requires a person to make ads for different types of products and use different mediums while doing so. You might be working on creating an advertisement for a detergent one day, and the next day you might be required to create a concept for selling a car. Not only that, but you will also need to create advertisements for different mediums; a print advertisement is very different from a television commercial which is very different from an internet pop – up.

As a professional in the Advertising Industry, you should have an understanding of different products, consumer psyche, lifestyles and consumption patterns. Additionally, you should also have an understanding about the different parts of an advertisement including the writing, the visuals and the concept. This will help you work on different mediums and create concepts for different products.

Constant Changes

The Advertising Industry changes from time to time as it is heavily reliant on dynamic factors that constantly go through changes themselves such as lifestyles, cultures, consumption patterns and trends. The best way to sell a product 5 years ago might not work today, and what works today might not work at all 2 years from now. Professionals who succeed in this industry are the ones who adapt to changes quickly and who are always willing to learn new concepts, techniques and strategies that can be used to sell a product.

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