Sociology Careers

There are many areas where Sociology Graduates are valued: Sales, management and administration, secretarial and clerical, business and research, community, social and personal services, hospitality industries, and health and social work.

Sociology is a wide area with regards to career opportunities. With relevant credentials and skills professional sociologists can get into designing and research, teach at high school and college levels or join all kinds of organizations and communities. The skills and knowledge you acquire with a Sociology Degree will help you to pursue professional Degrees in Law, medicine, education, criminal justice, journalism, politics and social service.

There are several sub-fields within sociology in which you can do majors for better and apt opportunities. These courses and programs offer a strong background for the students and prepare them for the fields with required skills and efficiency. Those who major in medical sociology, for example, can choose from a wide range of medicine related professions such as pre-medicine, pre-mortuary science, nursing, pharmacy, medical technology and health care administration.

With the help of a degree in Sociology, you also have good scope in the following fields:

Business and Industry – Training, human resources, leadership training, consumer and market research

Criminal Justice – rehabilitation, justice system, law enforcement, parole system

Agencies – mental health services, adoption, child care, disability services, youth services

Government - Social science analysis, census bureau, homeland security, policy analysis, federal agencies

Advocacy – child welfare, national policies, victim’s rights, community organization, labour rights

Education – Public and private schools, colleges, junior colleges, universities, administration, placement offices, educational research

Communications – Magazine and newspaper reporting, public relations, advertising, technical writing

Other than these roles a sociology degree can also work as a freelance social worker for non-profit organizations or work as a freelance writer.

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