Home Science Careers

Home Science was once considered to be a subject that teaches the girls about household chores and home keeping. But now the definition goes beyond it as there is a wide scope for those with a Degree or Master’s Degree in Home Science. This subject is a blend of arts and science that deals with physics, biology, chemistry, economics, child development, rural development, hygiene, nutrition, clothing textile and home management. This field suits those with creativity, logical minds and a balanced attitude. In addition to these, those of you who are aware about diet, health and lifestyle are a perfectly suited for Home science professions.

To get into the bachelor’s program in home science one must hold a senior secondary school certificate with science as a major subject or a diploma in any subject. With a Degree or similar qualification in Home Science you have a lot of scope to work as wage employer or self-employed worker in various fields. Let us take a look into the fields and the types of waged and self-employment opportunities available in those fields.

Crèche, Day care Centre and Pre-schools

Those who study home science and have good knowledge of home keeping and child care are capable of running Creches, Day Care Centers and Play Schools. Children up to the age of 12 or 13 years require personal attention at home and school. So these home science graduates make good care takers and pre-school teachers. In this sector the waged employment options available are in the form of a Nursery school teacher/coordinator, Anganwadi worker/ supervisor, nursery or pre-primary school teacher/ principal. If you are interested in self-employment you can run your own pre-school or open a day care centre at home.


Home science is taught in almost all the secondary and senior secondary schools. Teachers with a Bachelor’s degree and a background of Home Science as a main subject in their high school are eligible to teach the students. Besides schools they can also teach in polytechnic institutions, industrial training institutions, degree colleges, Hotel management and catering institutions and more. If you are interested in working as a self-employed professional then you can open up your own coaching classes, or teach small groups of students at home.

Food Preparation and Preservation

You can get into huge manufacturing units and companies that preserve vegetable fruits and food in the form of marmalades, jams and pickles. You can also work for companies as a quality control assistant, instructor/ in-charge of community canning centre, production assistant or laboratory assistant for such companies. You can also become self-employed and conduct classes at home for small groups wherein you can teach how to cook and related techniques.

Catering and Food

Food is a very common and wide requirement. Everyone loves eating food outside their homes. With a Home Science degree in hand, a person can join a huge restaurant or hotel as a manager, house-keeping in-charge or any similar position. As a waged employee you can work with food supply chains, restaurants and hotels as managers, waiters/waitresses and chefs. If you wish to be self- employed, then the options are own a restaurant or cafeteria, door to door tiffin service, mobile catering service and tea/ coffee shops.

Bakery and Confectionary Stores

With the skills and creativity in place home science students can setup confectionary stores or have their own bakery where they can prepare and sell their products. You can either work for a bakery or start your own.

Other segments which could accommodate home science graduates are interior decoration, social service, garment designing/ textile designing and tailoring.

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