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It is truly said by someone that those who do not learn from History are ordained to repeat it. History is not a subject that simply tells tales of our ancestors or the past. It is a subject that enlightens us with the facts of the past which could be used to create a new present. It is a false belief that there is no other option for History Graduates other than teaching. There are many interesting options that may add value to your studies and experience.

Various professions such as writing, consulting, marketing and other fields require experienced historians. By adding analytical thinking to your abilities you will certainly be spotted by potential employers. Let us take a look at various jobs and segments where Historians and History Graduates are valued.

Research Jobs – Those with History degree can get into researches organized by state government, other departments, associations and organizations. You can work with various organizations or independently as Evaluators and Planners, Policy Advisors and Policy Analysts. With some more training and experience you can aim to become Records Manager, Information Officer, Genealogist or Librarian.

Career in Industry and commerce – With additional experience or qualification in Business along with a Degree in History you can get into the field of industry and commerce (Retail and Finance). You can become Research analyst, Manager, Sales Representative, Retail and Buying Executive, Insurance agent, Banker and more.

Writing and Editing – As a History Degree holder you can get into writing and editing historical fiction and books for schools and colleges. Alternatively they can also edit and proof read other’s works. A deep insight of the subject is very necessary for those who wish to pursue a career in this field.

Archivist – The job of an Archivist involves maintaining the records and recording history and occurrences in history in an accurate and consistent manner. You might get offers to work with public corporations, historical societies and similar sectors. The wages are pretty high for those working in such positions.

Museum Curator/ Tour Guide – History Graduates can make good Museum Curators and Tour Guides. Their background of History acts as a major aspect for these types of jobs. They are also well compensated for their jobs.

Jobs at Excavation/Archaeology – Historians and Archaeologists with good knowledge of historical sites and civilizations are very much in demand at historical sites where the restoration work takes place. Historians have good knowledge of such sites and can make almost accurate calculations of the time and period of the excavations and artefacts. They can also act as Consultants and supervise such projects where they assist the workers and help in maintaining the legitimacy of the site during restoration.

A strong knowledge base in History is also useful for various purposes in film making. Historians know about the various happenings that took place and also have accurate information about historical characters and ancient culture. Movie makers who make historical movies take the help of such people for flawless movie making. Historians can also suggest appropriate clothing, settings, backdrop and so on for different time period.

There is a lot of scope for History Graduates in various fields other than just History. With imagination and resourcefulness they can increase the scope many times. By continuing the studies and obtaining a Master’s Degree you can teach or get into research as well.

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