Women Christian College Chennai

Women's Christian College
College Road
Chennai 600 006
Phone: 2827 5926
Fax: 2827 6798 91-44-28275926 or 91-44-28276798.

Affiliated to: University of Madras

B A History
B A English
B Sc Mathematics
B Sc Physics
B Sc Chemistry
B Sc Plant Biology and
Plant Biotechnology
B Sc Advanced Zoology and
B Sc Nutrition,
Food Service Management
and Dietetics (Vocational Stream)
B Sc Nutrition, Food Service
Management and Dietetics
B Sc Computer Science
B Sc PsychologyB Com . (General)
B Com . (Accounting and Finance)
B Com . (Computer Applications)
B Com . (Honours)
B A Corporate Economics
B Sc Visual Communication

M.Sc. Applied Psychology (with
specialisation in Organisational
M.Sc. Foods and Nutrition
M.Sc. Food Service Management
& Dietetics M.Sc. Maths
M.Sc. Physics
M.Sc. Chemistry
M.Sc. Biotechnology
M.Sc. Information Technology
M.Sc. Computer Science &
(5 year integrated program)
M.A. Communication
M.A. Human Resource
M.A. English M.Phil. Psychology
M.Phil. Foods and Nutrition
Food Service Management
& Dietetics
Ph.D. Psychology
Ph.D. Home Science M.Phil. Biotechnology

Entrance Procedure:
Direct Admission

Entrance Exam


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