University College-Kurukshetra

University College-Kurukshetra University
Kurukshetra, Haryana, India
01744 238049 , 2536

Affiliated to: Kurukshetra University

B Sc Maths, Chemistry, Physics
B Sc Maths, Stat, physics
B Sc Maths, Electronics, Physics
B Sc Maths, EEM, Physics
B Sc Maths, Physics, Geography.
B Sc Maths, Physics, Computer Science
B Sc Maths, Geography, Comp sci.
B C A (Bachelors in Computer Applications )
B Sc Botany, Zoology ,Chemistry
B Sc Botany, Chemistry , geography
B Sc Bio Tech, Chemistry , Zoology
B Sc BioChemistry , Botany, Chemistry
B Sc Home Science
B A Genereal With many options
B A Vocational With many options
B. A. Economics Honors
B. A. Philosophy Honors
B. A. Sanskrit Honors

M.Sc engg Physics 5 years integrated course
M.Sc Bio Technology 5 years integrated course
M.Sc Economics 5 years integrated Economics

Entrance Procedure:

Entrance Exam


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