The Oxford College of Science Bangalore

No.32, 17th B Main,
Sector IV, HSR Layout,
Bangalore 560 102

Tel: 080 – 3026 6301, 3026 6351, 30266302
Fax: 080 – 30266349

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Affiliated to: Bangalore University

B Sc Microbiology C.Z.Mb (Chemistry, Zoology, Microbiology)
B Sc Genetics C.G.Bt (Chemistry, Genetics, Biotechnology)
B Sc Biochemistry G.Bt.Bc (Genetics, Biotechnology, Biochemistry)
B Sc Biochemistry Gt.Mb.Bc (Genetics, Microbiology, Biochemistry)
B Sc Biotechnology C.Z.Bt (Chemistry, Zoology, Biotechnology)
B Sc Biochemistry B.Z.Mb (Biochemistry, Zoology, Microbiology)
B Sc Computer Science - PMCs
B Sc Computer Science - EMCs
B Sc Computer Science - SMCs
B Sc Electronics
B Sc Fashion and Apparel Design
BCA -Bachelor of Computer Application

M.Sc. Microbiology
M.Sc. Biotechnology
M.Sc. Biochemistry
M.Sc. Applied Genetics
MCA -Master of Computer Applications (B.U)
M.Sc Mathematics
M.Sc Electronic Science
M.Sc Computer Science
M.Sc Apparel Technology & Management
M.Sc Chemistry
M.Sc Statistics
Bio-Technology Finishing School

Entrance Procedure:
Direct Admission

Entrance Exam


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