Osmania University College for Women Hyderabad

Koti Main Rd, Essamiya Bazaar, Kachiguda, Hyderabad, AP
Phone:040 2465 7813

Affiliated to: Osmania University

B A (English and Telugu Media)
B Sc(Physical and Biological Sciences)(English Medium)
U.G Diploma in Medical Lab Techniques
(Offered by the Department of Zoology)
Computer Course for B A
B Sc(Nutrition and Food Technology),

M.Sc.-Botany,Inorganic Chemistry,Physics,Zoology
M.A.-Economics,Political Science,English,Hindi,Telugu,Urdu.
(Analytical Chemistry, Biotechnology,Computer Science,Nutrition and Dietetics,Organic Chemistry,Pharmaceutical Chemistry,Maths with Computer Science)
M.Sc(Nutrition and Dietetics)course and Ph.D Programme in Nutrition

One Year Diploma in Family and Marriage Counselling
(Offered by the Dept.of Sociology)
One Year P.G. Diploma in Bioinformatics
(Offered by the Department of Genetics)
One Year P.G.Diploma in Child Psychology
(Offered by the Dept.of Psychology)

Entrance Procedure:
Direct Admission

Entrance Exam


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