NIPER, Mohali

National Institute of Pharmaceutical
Education and Research (NIPER)
Sector-67, S.A.S. Nagar (Mohali), Punjab- 160062
Phone: 91-172-2214682-87, Fax: 91-172-2214692,

Affiliated to: National Institute of PharmaceuticalEducation and Research (NIPER)

Biotechnology: M.S. (Pharm.)
Clinical Research: M.Pharm.
Medicinal Chemistry; M.S. (Pharm.)
Medical Devices: M.S. (Pharm.)
Natural Products: M.S. (Pharm.)
Pharmaceutical Analysis: M.S. (Pharm.)

Pharmaceutical Technology (Biotechnology): M.Tech. (Pharm.)
Pharmaceutical Technology (Process Chemistry): M.Tech. (Pharm.)
Pharmaceutical Technology (Formulations): M.Pharm.
Pharmaceutics: M.S. (Pharm.)
Pharmacoinformatics: M.S. (Pharm.)
M.Sc. (Biochemistry/Biotechnology/Molecular Biology/Microbiology)
Pharmacy Practice: M.Pharm.
Regulatory Toxicology: M.S. (Pharm.)
Traditional Medicine: M.S. (Pharm.)

M.B A (Pharm.)
Pharmaceutical Management; M.B A (Pharm.)


Medicinal Chemistry:
Natural Products:
Pharmaceutical Technology (Process Chemistry):
Pharmacology & Toxicology:
Pharmaceutical Technology (Biotechnology):
Pharmacy Practice:
Pharmaceutical Analysis:

Entrance Procedure:
NIPER Joint Entrance ExaminationPassing of GPAT/GATE/NET

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