Career prospects and academic options for graduates with a B.A. Geography


Careers that use your academic knowledge

Industries that hire

Roles you get

Education, GIS Systems, Government Jobs, Transportation, Shipping, Publishing (Atlases, Globes, Maps etc.).

Geographer, Teacher, Remote Sensing Specialist, Geographic Information System (GIS) Specialist, Transport Manager, Cartographer, Urban Planner, Regional Planner, Government Official.


Careers that do not use your academic knowledge

Industries that hire

Roles you get

Sales and Operation Jobs, Creative Fields.

Entry – level Manager, Sales Executive, Writer, Director, Marketing Trainee.



Courses that are related to your Bachelors degree

M.A – Geography, Master’s in Mass Communication, M.A – Journalism.
Can further go for Ph.D. degrees.


Courses/Exams that are not related to your Bachelors degree

M.B.A, Law, Combined Defense Services Exam, Civil Services, Master’s/Post Graduate Diploma in Writing/Documentary & Film Making/Photography etc.

Careers With Different B A Degrees

Entrance Exam


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