Top 7 Money - Making Careers

Money can be made in any career as long as you have the right skill, talent, aptitude, desire and interest for the job. The ones below are considered money making because on an average people working in these professions are paid more than those in other professions. These careers are financially beneficial due to the highly exclusive skills required for the job. However, it is very possible that you can make more money in a career different from the 7 listed here.

The list includes some careers from Science and Arts, whereas most are related to the field of Commerce and Business, for natural reasons. You will make money for yourself when you generate money through the work you do. Choosing any of these 7 careers will most likely result in you leading a financially successful life, provided that you possess the required skills and aptitude.

Management Consultants

Management Consultants are one of the most highly paid professionals in the world due to their exceptional level of qualifications as well as the scale and nature of their work. They provide an external and honest opinion regarding the business of their clients. They help their clients improve their performance financially and organizationally. They help them manage their business in a more efficient way, and also address the problems clients face through a detailed analysis of the organization and its ways of functioning. They possess strong creative thinking and analytical skills. Management Consultants do not specialize in a particular type of business but give advice to different types of organizations at the same time such as Telecom, Apparel, and Automobile etc. Management Consultants are highly skilled thinkers. Most of them have excellent track records in their academic careers right from their school level. A Bachelor’s degree in Management or Commerce along with an M.B.A from a reputed institute can help you get great jobs in this profession.
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Investment Bankers

Investment Bankers are highly skilled professionals in the field of Finance that help organizations generate funding to expand their operations. They play major roles in helping private organizations go public and provide important advice during mergers and acquisitions. They advise the organization regarding how to structure the deal, as well as analyze potential gains or losses. It is a part of their jobs to make the people with the right idea meet the people with the right amount of funds to invest. They work from outside the organization and provide an external view that helps organizations and individuals grow.
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Investment Bankers are very well paid due to a very simple reason – they help their clients generate a lot of money. They use their analytical and numerical skills to calculate potential gains and help people invest their money in the right places. It is due to the skills of Investment Bankers that big organizations can generate immediate funding for new projects as well as use dormant funds to earn more money. They are usually employed by banks and other financial institutions. A Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce along with an M.B.A with a specialization in Investment Banking or related fields from a reputed institute is the minimum requirement to become an Investment Banker. The job requires hard work and most Investment Bankers work for more than 15 hours a day. Money doesn’t come easy.
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Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance professionals are a particular type of Finance Managers who help their organizations arrange and manage funds. Professionals working in this field analyze the financial structure of their organization, and look to increase the value of the company. They play a major role in managing the funds of an organization and decide how to allocate the resources so that the organization maximizes its gains. They make major decisions for companies including when and how to pay off liabilities and acquire assets. It is to be kept in mind that even though both Corporate Finance and Investment Banking aim to manage and arrange funds for an organization, they are two completely different fields. Corporate Finance is the ‘financing arm’ of the company and works ‘internally’. It mostly makes decisions regarding available funds within the business and how and where to allocate them. So, the Corporate Finance division in a company might decide to use the profits of the quarterly sector to advertise rather than invest it in the share market if they feel the need. Investment Bankers on the other hand, provide ‘external’ advice. They focus more on how to help the organization grow and expand and help in arranging additional funds for the company.

Like Investment Bankers, professionals in Corporate Finance also deal with large amounts of money and make important decisions that can impact the present and the future of the business. Decisions made by the Corporate Finance department of an organization can help the business grow internally and maximize profits. Professionals in this field are highly qualified, and generally have a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce with an M.B.A in Finance.
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Surgeons are Doctors who are medically qualified to perform surgeries. Surgeons can be specialists in a vast variety of fields and are of various types such as Cardiac Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons etc. They treat diseases, deformities and injuries by performing surgeries or ‘operations’ on their patients. They are usually extremely specialized and have very difficult jobs. Surgeons analyze the source of the problem before performing any surgery. Their job involves cutting into the patient and performing operations on the internal parts of a human body. Like all other Doctors, their main aim is to free the patient of his/her suffering. They normally work in teams and manage hostile and emergency situations.
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Surgeons are often involved in saving lives and curing patients. Due to the complex nature of their work and the amount of exclusive skills required to perform a surgery, they are heavily paid. Their job involves performing surgeries in hospitals, though some of them consult patients as well in private clinics. They work very hard and for very long hours. Even though the nature of the profession is difficult, surgeons are paid adequately. Depending upon your specialization and skill, you can be paid very big amounts of money for each surgery you perform. An M.B.B.S degree along with an MD degree in General Surgery is the minimum requirement you need to become a Surgeon. You can choose to pursue a degree in a specialized form of surgery after your MD degree.
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Pilots / Merchant Navy

Pilots are trained professionals who are qualified and licensed to fly aircrafts. They are involved in maneuvering the aircraft during flights and ensuring that the plane takes off and lands smoothly. Pilots can be of various types, but only Commercial Pilots are paid very well.
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Professionals in the Merchant Navy, on the other hand, are responsible for transporting cargo and sometimes passengers by sea from one place to the other. Its fleet comprises of cargo, passengers, tankers etc. Professionals in the Merchant Navy can work as Marine Engineers or Navigation Officers.
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Both Pilots and Merchant Navy professionals are paid very well due to the difficult nature of their jobs. They are responsible for the lives of all the passengers on the board as well as the cargo that is on the ship. A single mistake can cause major mishaps that can include the loss of precious human lives or large sums of money. As the aviation and trading sector continues to boom, there is a greater need for responsible Pilots and Merchant Navy professionals. As the skills required for both these jobs is extremely exclusive and the possible losses at stake are huge, companies are ready to very high amounts to capable Pilots and Merchant Navy professionals. To become a Pilot, you will have to complete a Pilot Flying Training course from an authorized institute. This will include practical training as well. You can join the Merchant Navy as an Engineer or as a Navigation Officer. You will need a Bachelor’s in Marine Engineering along with a Master’s in a related field to get good jobs as a Marine Engineer. To work as a Navigation Officer, you will at least need a Bachelor’s degree / Diploma in Nautical Science.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts includes artists of all kinds that use their skills to perform and entertain an audience. This includes Actors, Dancers, Singers, Anchors/VJs etc. It is one of the most sought after professions in the world as it is glamorous as well as well paying. Performers use their creativity and skills to enthrall an audience and often narrate stories or convey messages and emotions through their performances.
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Due to the glamorous nature of the career and high levels of competition, successful performers are paid very well. Please note that this does not mean that all performers are paid the same amounts. But a lucky few, who have the right aptitude, talent, determination and skills, make it to the top. Performers work very hard for years, honing their skills and practicing their craft. Success is not guaranteed, but if you become successful, emotional and financial rewards are huge. A huge amount of exceptional talent, determination, confidence and the ability to be in the right place at the right time can help you become a successful performer and earn massive amounts of money.
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Entrepreneurs are individuals who create and run a business and look after its day to day operations. They are responsible for coming up with innovative ideas that can sell and help them generate massive amounts of revenue. They manage businesses and employees and help create an atmosphere where profits are maximized while keeping the customers happy. Entrepreneurs are gifted individuals and have the ability to study the market and analyze the potential success of a product or a service. They have excellent financial and management skills, and know what to sell and how to sell.
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The financial success of an Entrepreneur can depend completely upon the innovativeness of his/her idea and its financial feasibility. Most of the successful businesses in the world have become successful due to an innovative idea. Entrepreneurs have natural self – belief and confidence in their ideas that keeps them determined when others do not approve of their plans. A Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration along with an M.B.A can help you further your chances of becoming an Entrepreneur, but it’s to be kept in mind that attending business school won’t make you an entrepreneur. Your aptitude, management skills, the right idea, and your ability to execute will make you a successful Entrepreneur and help you earn lots of money.

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