A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning. -- Brad Henry

Teaching as a career has always been popular, from ancient times. Until very recently, it wasn’t a well paid job. But after the privatization of education in India, Teachers are paid much more than before and deservedly so. Additionally, with the advent of Online Teaching, the career opportunities for Teachers are on the rise.

A Teacher impacts everything in a person’s life, from his ideologies to his actions. Teachers play a major role in shaping a student’s life. It can be said that a student is like fresh clay in a Teacher’s hands. A good Teacher can mould his student into a beautiful being.

What does a Teacher do?

The job of a Teacher consists primarily of imparting knowledge, but a Teacher influences the overall development of every student. A Teacher becomes a mentor and a guide for every student.

A teacher make his students understand concepts, eliminate doubts and give them an in – depth knowledge of the topics in the prescribed curriculum.

A Teacher has to be ready and prepared to face questions from his students and should be able to answer them in a convincing manner. He should be able to make the students understand the logic behind his answers.

An important job that a Teacher has to perform is that he has to constantly inculcate values amongst his students and concentrate on their overall development. He has to make sure that students are outgoing and confident as well as morally correct.

A Teacher has to be like a mentor. He has to guide his students in life. It is a Teacher’s job to constantly motivate and encourage them to work harder and become better people.

It is essential for a Teacher to correct his students when they’re wrong. This can be related to moral as well as academic issues. A good Teacher will do so in a positive manner without discouraging the student.

It is imperative for a Teacher to maintain regular communication with parents and keep updating them about their child’s progress.

A good Teacher will always establish a sense of trust with his students. His students should be able confide in him and look up to him for advice.

How to become a Teacher?

Teaching is a very respectable profession. Possibly, one of the most respected. You can become a Teacher at various levels, from the Primary School level to the Post Graduate level. The road to becoming a Teacher depends massively on the level you want to be teaching at.

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Primary School and Below:
If you like dealing with small kids, then you can become a Teacher for Pre – Primary students. The focus here is on your overall personality and nature. There are no real minimum educational qualifications required but a bachelor’s in education will be helpful.

For Primary Schools, a Bachelor’s in Education is required. You need to have an idea about all subjects and fields. Sometimes, undergraduates are also hired to teach in smaller private schools.

High School and Senior Secondary:
To teach at the High School and Senior Secondary levels, the preferred educational qualification is a Master’s degree in your subject. Graduates can also be hired depending upon the amount of knowledge and teaching experience you have. A B.Ed in addition will also come handy.

Graduate and Post Graduate:
The minimum requirement to teach at this level is a Master’s and doctoral degrees in your subject. You need to have extensive knowledge about your subject. Most teachers at this level are not just teachers but researchers as well. They write books, publish research papers, and have very serious research interests.

What are the skills required to become a Teacher?

A Teacher needs to love his job; otherwise he’ll never be able to deal with all the problems that accompany this profession. A good teacher is someone who can help students at different academic levels. They need to be able to inspire those below the average mark, raise the bar for the average and challenge the achievers, all at the same time. To successfully deal with a diverse class and many classes at the same time requires tremendous motivation and dedication.

As a Teacher you’re constantly required to deal with students who do not concentrate and face difficulty in understanding concepts. Therefore, it is important for a Teacher to be patient.

Teachers need to have very good communication skills, so that they can make students understand concepts easily. A good Teacher will know how to motivate and lead his students to perfection and success. As a Teacher, you spend your whole life dealing with academics. So you have to be genuinely interested in your subject. A Teacher needs to be disciplined and should also be able to inculcate discipline amongst his students. Also, a Teacher should have good time management skills as you normally have fixed time duration for your class within which you have to impart a lot of knowledge.

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Is this the right career for me?

The life of Teacher is spent in classrooms and lecture halls. They constantly deal with students and their problems. A Teacher has to work for long hours, mostly even after coming home as they have to check papers. As a Teacher, you have to stand and deliver lectures all day. Not only that, you have to make sure each and every one of your student understands what you’re teaching. It is a job in which you invest a lot of time and hard work, but do not get any appreciation in return.

So if you’re looking for recognition and easy money, then this is not the job for you. But if you genuinely like dealing with children, love learning and teaching and if you’re passionate about developing better people, then you’re tailor made for this job.

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