Physicians are professional practitioners of medicine that focus on improving the health and well – being of their patients and cure them of their suffering. Physicians are essentially Doctors who do not perform surgeries but focus on diagnosing diseases and prescribing treatments. They are highly educated and licensed to prescribe medication. They cure all types of diseases, from infections to fever to respiratory diseases. Some Physicians specialize in a certain field within medicine such as Pediatricians who specialize in Child Healthcare or Cardiologists who specialize in diseases and treatment related to the heart. All Physicians, including General Physicians and Specialized Physicians, focus on providing healthcare to the needy and ensuring their recovery. You can choose to be a Physician in any of the various streams of medicine, including allopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda etc.

Becoming a Physician is very difficult as it not only involves a lot of study, but there is massive competition for a limited number of seats in reputed medical colleges. However, if you manage to get admission into a medical college and if you’re intelligent and passionate, you can become very successful as a Physician. It is a well paying career and you are most likely to find a job as soon as you graduate. Physicians are hired by Hospitals and Clinics but a lot of Physicians choose to practice in their own private clinics. The boom in the healthcare sector along with the rising number of diseases have ensured that Physicians will continue to lead successful professional lives in the years to come as they will always be needed.

What do Physicians do?

Physicians promote good health and suggest which through which diseases can be prevented. They analyze symptoms, diagnose diseases and prescribe appropriate treatments. It is their responsibility to try their best to cure the patient of his/her suffering.

One of the most important jobs of a Physician is to meet patients and communicate with them regarding the problems they are facing. They go through their history and past reports to understand the cause of their suffering. This studying of the case history is extremely important as each body is different and there might be many causes behind a single disease.

Analyzing symptoms is another important part of the job of a Physician. It is essential to communicate effectively with the patient and carefully analyze their problem to identify the symptoms of a disease. This requires Physicians to sometimes ask specific questions that will help them identify the symptoms of a disease.

Physicians advise the patient to undergo tests in many cases. This is usually done when the Physician is not completely sure regarding the diagnosis and wants to know more about the status of the health of the patient. Physicians clearly state the type of test that the patient is required to take so as to know about the disease in more detail.

The most important job of a Physician is to analyze the symptoms and results of the tests and diagnose the disease that the patient is suffering from. Not only that, they prescribe a treatment that the patient is supposed to follow for a specific period of time in order to get rid of the suffering. This treatment usually includes prescribed quantities of specific medicines as well as certain guidelines for the patient such as bed rest, not eating spicy food etc.

Another important aspect of the job of a Physician is to ensure patient recovery. This normally includes checking on the progress of the patient and making changes to the treatment if the results are not satisfactory. Physicians advise patients regarding ways to recover quickly by suggesting diets and lifestyle plans as well.

Physicians often work in teams and supervise a number of subordinates who work under them. This is especially common in Hospitals and large clinics. Physicians are required to check on their subordinates and ensure that they are performing their duties correctly. They are also required to guide and help them whenever necessary.

Counseling patients and promoting good healthcare practices is another vital task that Physicians perform. This usually involves taking part in healthcare initiatives at a community or state level. Physicians use their knowledge to guide patients and society so that they can adopt healthy lifestyle practices and prevent diseases and ailments.

How to become a Physician?

Physicians are involved in evaluating symptoms, diagnosing diseases and prescribing treatments. The vast number of diseases that they have to deal with and the fact that their decisions can impact the life of an individual requires Physicians to be well educated and very intelligent.

In order to become a Physician, you will have to pay extra attention to your studies from school itself. You should focus on subjects like Science and English. You will need to choose Science after your Class 10th, with Physics, Chemistry and Biology (Botany and Zoology) as your main subjects.

Once you complete your schooling, you will have to pursue a graduate course in medicine (MBBS). But before you gain admission into the MBBS course, you will have to qualify in the entrance examinations held by that particular college. These entrance exams are very competitive and require a lot of preparation. Most colleges conduct their own entrance exams whereas some national level entrance exams like AIPMT are accepted by a wide number of colleges.

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If you qualify in the entrance test, you will get a seat in the MBBS course of a medical college. Completing this course is necessary if you want to become a Physician. It is a 4 and a half year course with a compulsory 6 month internship in the end. You can start practicing as a Physician after the end of this course.

Many Physicians choose to pursue Post Graduate courses in medicine after completing their MBBS course. Even though this is not necessary, these post graduate courses help you get better jobs, higher salaries and attain more knowledge in your specified field of medicine.

Working as an Intern or a Trainee can be very helpful if you want to become a Physician. Apart from the mandatory 6 month internship, you should work as an Intern under an experienced Physician in a private clinic or a hospital. This will help you gain vital experience regarding diseases, medicine and patients.

Keeping up to date with all the advancements in the medical world is important if you’re an aspiring Physician. This involves reading journals, following the news and conducting your own research regarding new cures and remedies for diseases. This knowledge will help you advise your patients better and cure them faster and more effectively.


India is known all over the world for its Physicians and Surgeons. There are many great institutions in the country that provide quality education in medicine. All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi is one of the best colleges in the country for your MBBS course. Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore and Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), Pune are also well known for their MBBS courses.

What are the skills required to become a Physician?

Physicians are responsible for curing and healing their patients of suffering, which makes it very important for them to be extremely knowledgeable about the field of medicine and diseases. They are also required to have the ability to make decisions quickly and solve problems. Basic Numerical skills as well as excellent analytical skills are important for Physicians. They should be intelligent, self – disciplined and responsible. Physicians need to possess excellent communication and social skills so that they can communicate with patients effectively and understand their symptoms. They should also have the ability to work for long hours under huge pressure and deal with stressful situations. They need to be honest and should be great leaders so as to guide and motivate their team of subordinates. Most importantly, Physicians should have the genuine desire to serve people and society and use their extensive knowledge to cure people of their suffering.

Is this the right career for me?

Physicians spend most of their lives sitting in their rooms curing the problems of their patients. They work for long hours under reasonably stressful circumstances. The job requires them to be available to patients round the clock in the case of emergencies and hazardous situations. It is a career that involves a lot of research and can tend to become monotonous after a while. On the other hand, the job is very well paid and respected and you also get the opportunity to benefit and make a difference to society.

If you’re not comfortable with the vast amounts of study that this career requires, and if you’re looking for a glamorous job that offers scope for adventure then this is not the right career for you. But if you’re genuinely passionate about serving the society and if your idea of a good job involves a lot of job security, respect and appreciation, then this might be your perfect career.

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