With the upsurge of mass communication and media, photography has become an important part of communication. If you have visual imagination, aesthetic sense, an eye for detail and composition and creativity, you could go for a career in photography.


You can either freelance or work for newspapers, magazines or ad agencies. 

You can specialize in portrait or still photography, press photography, industrial photography, or fashion or ad photography.


Photography is one field where, more than educational qualifications, one requires an observant and keen eye for details. The artistic sensitivity is a must. And the more you practice the better your skills will develop. To know the Top 7 Careers that require little education, click here.

Learn the art. Read books, take training classes and search online forums for tips. Practice by taking photos of anything that attracts your eyes. Pick the best photos and make a portfolio that covers different types like outdoor photos, photos of people with props, photos of people in a studio setting and more. Make your own website or blogs to display your work. Do good amount of networking – hang out with photographers, either in person or even online.

And if you want an education in the field, you can take up a certificate course in photography, or a diploma in photography, diploma in Fashion or in portrait photography, even diploma in digital photography. B.A courses are also available in cinema and photography.

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