Journalists bring news to readers through newspapers and magazines and television channels and internet websites. They specialize in areas such as politics, business and economy, sports, lifestyle and entertainment. Journalists that specialize in uncovering facts are called Investigative Journalists.

They are driven by the bug to uncover the facts behind a story. They are extremely inquisitive. What went on behind the closed door meeting after which it was decided to replace the captain of the cricket team? What’s the real reason behind the cabinet reshuffle? Are the two really going around or are they making it up to promote their upcoming film? Only if you would love to step out of the comfort of your office or use your network of contacts to find such answers are you likely to enjoy your career as a reporter.

If you like to just write and think you should become a journalist for that reason, you may be heading to become a sub-editor instead. 

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Reporters and correspondents collect the news. Proof readers, sub editors, associate editors and editors work together to use the news collected by reporters and correspondents and make it ready for publishing. Photojournalists use the camera to capture events and tell stories.

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In a television or radio studio, in addition to all the above an anchor presents news and programmes. The anchor is also usually a journalist. 

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Take up BA Journalism after class 12. The better the college you go to, the better your opportunity to join a large media house.
Some of the more renowned colleges for journalism include Asian College of Journalism, Chennai, IIMC, Delhi and Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai.


Reporters can remain reporters all their life where they are rewarded for their seniority or they can move into editor roles. 
Journalism is not a glamour career. It’s a lot of hard work. You would need to travel to unknown places, sleep in dirty hotels, eat road side food. You can do all this only if you really love the main job. So be sure.  It’s not enough to just enjoy reading and writing.

If only reading and writing is your passion, you should consider the various Careers in the Publishing Industry.

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