Hotel Management

Hotel management is about managing the smooth functioning of a hotel. It’s a specialized area because there are peculiarities specific to the industry in areas such as food and beverage management, catering, housekeeping, maintenance and even marketing. Hotel management employees can be of different types depending upon their qualifications and experience, such as Hotel/General Managers, Front Desk Managers, Chefs, Housekeepers, and Marketers.

Types of Hotel Management Employees:

General/Hotel Manager is the head of the hotel management hierarchy. Hotel Managers are involved in supervising all aspects of a hotel, from housekeeping to public relations. They are trained Hotel Management professionals.

Department Managers are professionals who are in charge of specific departments such as housekeeping, catering, restaurants, front desk management etc. They report to the General Manager and perform duties that are assigned by him/her. They are trained in Hotel Management.

Chefs are professional cooks who are responsible for cooking and supervising the cooking of all the food items of a hotel/restaurant. There are Head Chefs, Cuisine specific chefs etc. They are normally trained in Hotel Management institutes.

Events Planners are professionals who are responsible for looking after the event management aspect of a hotel. They organize and conduct events and make sure they take place smoothly. They report to the General/Hotel Manager. They have a background in media and mass communication.
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Marketers are professionals who are trained in the marketing side of business. They are responsible for the sales department of the hotel and aim at maximizing sales and promoting the hotel. They come from a marketing background and specialize in promoting businesses and attracting customers.

Security Chiefs
are professionals who are trained in the field of security services. They are responsible for keeping the hotel, its employees and guests secure. They usually have a background in the armed forces.

Maintenance Personnel includes professionals from various technical fields such as Engineering. They are trained in their respective fields and look after the electrical and mechanical aspects of the hotel such as electricity, equipment etc.

Public Relations professionals are responsible for maintaining the image of the hotel and company in front of the public and the media. They arrange press conferences and work on portraying a particular image of the hotel. They come from a background in media and management.

Hotel Managers or General Managers are the main people behind the functioning of a hotel. Hotel Managers are responsible for the overall functioning of the hotel. Their main aim is to satisfy the customer. They are dynamic people and deal with staff, guests and authorities.

The demand for Hotel Mangers is increasing every day as the hospitality industry is on the rise due to the massive globalization taking place and there are new hotels coming up in semi urban and smaller cities. Hotel Manager can work in a variety of fields such as Restaurants and Eateries,
Cruise and Ships Hotels, Casinos, Hospital Administration and Catering, Airline Catering Services etc.

What do Hotel Managers do?

Hotel Managers are responsible for the daily functioning of a hotel. Their main aim is to create a comfortable environment for customers so that they have no complaints and choose to stay in the same hotel again.

A Hotel Manager normally has a big team working under him. Hotel Managers assign duties and delegate tasks to the staff. They motivate the employees to perform better. They devise processes and ensure that the processes are being complied.

Hotel Managers are responsible for the financial functioning of the hotel. They are responsible for creating and maintaining budgets and maximizing profits. It is their job to keep the hotel functioning within the specified budget and find ways through which profit can be maximized and costs can be decreased.

Hotel Managers do not sit in an office all day. Rather, they are constantly on the move within the hotel and have to oversee all the aspects. This is a major part of their job. They have to make sure that the hotel is functioning smoothly. They find on the spot solutions to problems and also interact with staff and guests while they are on such rounds within the hotel.

Hotel Managers have to find ways through which the Sales of the hotel can increase. They have to work with the Board of Directors and the Sales Team to come up with new offers and marketing strategies to attract customers. This can include coming up with new venues, arranging recreational events etc.

Hotel Managers are responsible for purchasing and managing inventory. This can include food items, décor, equipment etc. These tasks are usually delegated to sub – ordinates but they still have to keep a check on purchases and storage of the inventory.

Hotel Management is a very dynamic profession. Therefore, handling unforeseen circumstances and emergency situations is a big part of the job profile of a Hotel Manager. This can include handling customers, security issues, infrastructure issues etc.

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How to become a Hotel Manager?

If you have a management degree, then you normally start of as Department Managers, Executive Housekeepers, and Accounts Managers etc.

In order to become a Hotel Management employee, you need to have at least completed your schooling. You need to concentrate on all subjects during school. Once you complete your 10th, you should choose Commerce and concentrate on subjects like Business Studies, Economics and Accounts. English is an absolute necessity if you want to get into the Hotel Management Industry.

To get a good job in the Hotel Management Industry, you need to have some sort of a formal education in the field of Hotel Management. The best way to do this is to get into a Hotel Management Institute that provides you with a Bachelor’s degree. But before you get into your desired college, you might need to pass entrance examinations. The National Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology conduct the Joint Hotel Management Entrance Exam every year, which is known as the NCHMCT JEE. Many Institutes also conduct their own private entrance examinations.

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Passing the entrance exam is not enough to gain admission in a Hotel Management Course. Most institutes also conduct personal interviews of shortlisted candidates. These interviews are used to judge the student’s personality, aptitude and communication skills. Only once you pass through the examination and the interview, will you get admission in a Hotel Management course.

Another route of getting into the Hotel Management Industry is by pursuing a Diploma in Hotel Management. Diplomas are of a shorter duration than degree courses and can be helpful for people who want to pursue a degree in an alternative subject through correspondence. You can pursue a Diploma course after you complete your 12th standard examination. Diplomas normally take 12 – 24 months to complete.

The third route you can take to be a part of the Hotel Management Industry is to pursue a Certificate course in Hotel Management. Certificate courses are normally more specific and are of very short durations. They do not go into details of the subject and normally focus on the industry skills required for a job. Certificate courses have separate eligibility criteria for each institute. They normally take 3 – 6 months to complete.

Internships can be of great use if you want to get into the Hotel Management Industry. You should take up internships whenever and wherever possible during your school and college years. Internships will help you learn important industry skills and make important contacts.

You can become a part of the Hotel Management Industry without taking any formal education in Hotel Management as well. Such career paths are based on internships and networking. Networking can be of great help in getting jobs and higher salaries. Build relations with important people and establish a sense of trust.

A lot of big hotels have strict recruitment policies and do not hire professionals without adequate experience. Therefore, starting out at smaller hotels and restaurants can prove to be a great help. This will help you develop your skills and gain experience at the same time.


There are many reputed institutes in India which offer great courses in Hotel Management. The Oberoi Centre for Learning and Development, New Delhi offers great two year courses in Guest Services Management, Housekeeping Management and Kitchen Management. The Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad (and other cities) is one of the pioneer institutions which provide Hotel Management courses in the country. They offer a Bachelor’s in Hotel Management (BHM) and a B.A in Culinary Arts. Apart from these, the Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, Manipal and the National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology, New Delhi offer great courses in Hotel Management.

What are the skills required to become a Hotel Manager?

Hotel Managers require excellent communication skills so that they can communicate easily with staff and guests. They need to also possess impeccable interpersonal skills and have a heightened sense of understanding, etiquette and ethics. Hotel Mangers also need to have the ability to manage time and money. They need to have the ability to solve problems on the spot and make wise and quick decisions. Hotel Managers also need to have an eye for detail and be perfectionists in terms of maintaining cleanliness, decorum and security. Hotel Managers need to have the ability to stay calm and composed even during adverse situations. Also, they need to have the ability to be polite and respectful at all times. Hotel Mangers also need to be flexible and adjusting as many times they are required to work for long hours and at odd timings. Most importantly, Hotel Managers should genuinely have the desire to serve guests and keep them happy at all costs.

Is this the right career for me?

Hotel Managers spend their whole lives catering to guests and living in hotels. They hardly get time for themselves or their families. They have to work for very long hours, and often for no appreciation. They constantly need to solve problems and be alert. Hotel Managers have a dynamic job and have to perform certain tasks that are not a part of their usual job profile. It is a glamorous job that is well paid with a great future.

So if you’re looking for a job that has regular timings and set duties for you to perform, and if you’re not okay with the prospect of continuously dealing with clients and trying to keep them happy, then this is not the right career for you. But if you have an affinity towards the glamour world, and if you’re interested in serving people and keeping them happy, and if you’re okay with working for long hours and staying at hotels, then this is the perfect job for you.

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Fields Related to Hotel Management:

Hospitality Management is the service of providing food, accommodation, recreation etc. It is a broader field than Hotel Management and includes jobs in various industries such as Hospitals and Airlines etc. It involves a wider job profile and the nature of the job can be very different depending upon the type of establishment you’re working for.

Tourism Industry involves the process of travelling for business, leisure and recreational purposes. It includes travel agencies, hotels, tour guides etc. It is very closely related to the Hotel Management Industry and both industries grow together.

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