Careers with Science

The study of science gives students strong analytical ability and an understanding of how things work. It is students of science that create and produce most of the modern cutting edge products that we aspire to possess such as phones and computers and that which make our lives comfortable such as cars, gadgets and appliances. The scientific skills are valued in the industry not only in roles that use an understanding of science but also in a range of unrelated fields that require the ability to solve business, management and operations related problems. Science graduates also take on diverse business and management roles in the industry and in the government.

Some of the common science careers are:

Engineering – leads to careers in production, research, operations, and sales and marketing of technical products.
Architecture – leads to careers in architectural design of houses, buildings, dams, bridges, even towns and cities.
Medicine – leads to careers as a doctor, dietician and also in the related fields of clinical research and biotechnology.
Transportation – leads to careers as pilot and ship captains.
Armed forces – science graduates can work in army, air force, navy, after class 12 or even after graduation in a science related stream.

Changing Streams

At the Bachelor’s level:
Science students also have the option of shifting to commerce or arts related courses for their bachelor’s. Most commerce and arts colleges accept applications from science students. You would need to check the receptiveness of college of your interest to students with science backgrounds as it can vary.

At the Master’s level:
Engineers can undertake MBAs to take up business roles in sales, marketing, finance, and HR. They can clear the IAS, IFS and IPS exams to join the government. Even though going through additional education in the field of your interest at the Master’s level eases up the transition, the industry even accepts science graduates in business and management roles without these additional qualifications.

The Endless World Of Possibilities

The possibilities with an education in science are endless. This is what makes it the most popular area of study. The fact that one of the most popular Indian authors, Chetan Bhagat, also studied science and engineering, points at the vast array of opportunities that remain open to science graduates all through their life.

After 10th, Careers With Different Subjects

Entrance Exam


Steve Jobs, chief executive officer and co-founder of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, urged graduates to pursue their dreams, follow their interests & curiosities and see the opportunities in life's setbacks-- including death itself.