Business or Management Consultants

A Business Consultant assists organizations in overhauling their performance and improving their efficiency. These professionals specialize in a range of domains and carry expertise in different practices. Business consultants can work in any company but the most cherished employment for a consultant is a place in a consulting firm such as McKinsey, BCG, Bain and Co., and Booze and Co. Business consultants offer advice and consultancy in areas such as management, accounting and human resources. They examine and analyse the weak links of the companies and recommend the best solution.

What does the Career Hold for Them?

Business consultants that work in consulting firms work with top management officials of large client organizations. They look at business problems as a CEO would do and provide objective feedback and solutions to help the client company solve problems or chart out growth paths. Starting off as associates they go on to become partners in their consulting firms. Some consultants go on to become Entrepreneurs and start their companies due to the vast exposure they receive. Some others join large organizations in very senior positions.

Pre-requisites for a Business Consultant

They often have to multitask, working on multiple assignments at the same time. They have the ability to get to the bottom of issues quickly and provide implementable solutions. They are versatile and have an excellent ability to understand the functioning of businesses across different industries. Only the best among the best become management consultants. Develop the habit of excellence at whatever you do fairly early in life.

Business consultants are MBAs. People from across different study streams can become MBAs and business consultants, therefore, you can take any subjects at school and in your undergraduate study.

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Advantages of Working as a Business Consultant

The job of a consultant is one of the most sought after and respected jobs. Consultants make contributions that impact large organizations and even industries. Good remuneration is a big advantage. You develop exposure across industries and business functions, build top-level contacts and stay abreast with opportunities. Multiple avenues remain open for consultants and the sky is the only limit for those in this fast-track career.

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Disadvantages of Working as a Business Consultant

Extremely competitive environment, the need to continuously perform and deliver, work long hours, difficulties in creating a good work-life balance are some of the disadvantages of this cherished career. Their work usually requires asking people to change their current ways of doing things, therefore, they face constant opposition to their ideas. Lots of travel and work stress are aspects that every management consultant has to contend with.

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