The job of an architect is to design and construct functionally safe and economical buildings and structures. His duties include discussing the objectives, requirements and the budget involved in the project. He or she draws and designs the ideas for the client to view and review. Architects assist the people involved in the project and guide them through the planning and completion process. In all his duties an architect is supposed to adhere to the local rules, zoning laws, fire safety regulations, building codes and other decrees.

What does the Career Offer them?

An architect has the flexible option of working with a firm or managing his own practice. After gaining experience an architect can manage the projects of various firms independently. They can also work in the supervisory or managerial levels in large companies. If they are efficient enough, they can also become partners of established companies.

Pre- requisites for an Architect

Clearly an architect can work for firms or establish his or her own practice only after obtaining the required education. There are 3 different professional degrees in architecture that are offered by colleges and universities. Bachelor Degree of architecture is a 5 year program that allows students to join after completing high school. No previous work experience or training is required to join this program. The Master of Architecture is a 2 year program for students who hold a degree in the respective area. For those who hold a Degree in other fields and wish to pursue Master of Architecture Program, the universities and colleges have a 3 or 4 year program. Architects with knowledge of computer based design are given preference in big firms.

Advantages of working as an Architect

1. As an architect you will be engaged in activities such as drawing building plans, reviewing the estimates of the contractors, planning, conducting inspection of the construction site, meeting the labourers, contacting the clients and so on. So you are totally absorbed the whole day learning and practising new things.
2. Every project has different requirements. You can use all your creativity to design the plans as you wish. It is like you are the creator of the project.
3. In terms of income, architects earn good salaries. Independent practices do take some time to get established. But once established they offer lots of money for each project.

Disadvantages of Working as an Architect

1. Architects are the first people to face the brunt of economic changes and recessions. When the economy goes down, less money will be spent on new constructions. Thus architects get impacted during such periods.
2. Architects deal with labour and the public daily. At times they might have to listen to the negative remarks of the clients.
3. The projects usually require on-site presence. If you are sensitive to harsh working conditions this field is not for you.

Like in any occupation, there are advantages and disadvantages in this field too. If the pros outweigh the cons for you, this may be the profession for you.

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