Subjects for career in design

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I want to build a career in design. I know I should take the arts stream. Are there any recommended subjects I can take that will help me become a good designer?
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Career in software engineering
Hi All, Can you people suggest me a good stream which will help me to build my career in the field of software engineering.
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Please post your question at "Which Stream For Your Desired Career?". Go to
Subjects to become a designer
A designer with an arts background and a designer with a background in science both bring their unique perspectives and ideas to the design programmes. Design schools are open to different educational backgrounds of their students. A person with a science background may feel inclined to a career in industrial design, for example, through which you can go on to design industrial and consumer products. One with an arts background can go on to design graphics, films or textiles. So pick a stream and choose subjects you are passionate about and excel at them.

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