How to become a chef?

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Should I go through hotel management course to become a chef?
Becoming a Chef
Yes, It is recommended to get appropriate degree, diploma or certification in Hotel Management.
Becoming a Chef.
Hi... Yes. It is a good idea to do a Hotel Management course if your aim is to become a Chef. Hotel management courses will teach you about all the aspects of a hotel, including the Kitchen. You need to grasp as much as you can but focus most on the kitchen aspect of hotel management. Institutes like the National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology are great for hotel management. Another good option is to join courses provided by private hotels like the Taj and the Oberoi. The facilities they provide are fantastic! You can also join a Foodcraft institute after your 10th or your 12th, but it will only give you an entry into low - level jobs. So overall, joining a Hotel Management course is a good option. Such courses will provide you with an idea about how a hotel works as well as teach you important aspects about kitchen management that you will need as a chef. Go Join a Hotel Management Institute, Keep Cooking, Keep Learning and Keep Feeding! Best of Luck!

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