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courses related to medicine
Courses/Careers Related To Medicine
Of course you know about MBBS that helps you become a doctor. Then there are a whole lot of additional related careers that let you remain connected with the health sciences and the healthcare industry. Here are some: Psychologists who help people address emotional and behavioural issues. They study Bachelor's, Master's and PhD in Psychology. Dieticians who prescribe diets to achieve health objectives of patients. They take up Bachelor's in any of the life sciences Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, or Home Science, followed by a Master's or PG Diploma in nutrition and dietetics. Hospital Administrators who manage hospital operations. If you like managing people and operations, you can study hospital management at the bachelor's level or study one of the life sciences in Bachelor's and take up an MBA in hospital management. Some Master's level hospital management courses require an MBBS degree at the bachelor's level. Or you could study biotechnology and use your understanding of living systems to build useful products or applications. Or become a biomedical engineer who employs engineering principles to health sciences.

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