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respected sir, i want to make my career in acting ....but presently i have to do graduation please tell me which course i would opt ...........
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Acting Career

You can basically take 2 approaches towards your graduation.

1. Pursue your graduation in a field unrelated to acting, as a back up. This can be in any field, as per your interests, from Economics to Management to Engineering. While pursuing your graduation, you can take up part - time acting courses on the side and do theater to improve your acting.

2. Another way to go about your education is to pursue your graduation in Acting or a related field. Let me tell you that there are hardly any institutes or colleges in India where you will be able to pursue full - time acting as a Bachelor degree. However, you may find certain private institutes across the country who offer a B.A in Acting. If you want to study acting, you can take up various long - term (2/3 year) diploma courses in Acting, offered by various reputed institutes across the country such as Whistling Woods International, AAFT/ASMS (Noida) etc. You can also do several short - term acting courses offered by institutes like the Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute, Barry John Acting Studio etc.

You can also choose to pursue Bachelor degrees in courses related to acting, such as Direction, Cinematography, Writing etc. This will not only add to your skills as an actor but will also serve as a back up in case you don't make it big as an actor. Reputed institutes like FTII and NSD do offer Post Graduate courses in Acting, which you can pursue once you finish your gradaution.

My personal advice to you will be to ACT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE during college (street plays, stage plays etc.) Many aspiring actors spend a lot of time working out in the gym, creating portfolios and taking up modelling assignments. Though all of this is important, do not, under any circumstances let it overshadow your main interest, i.e. to act. DO AS MUCH OF THEATER AS POSSIBLE. There is no better way to become a good Actor than to learn and perform on the stage.

Lastly, do not lose confidence in yourself! Once you make a decision to become an Actor, work as hard as possible and focus on your acting so as to stand out amongst the huge crowd of aspiring actors!

Hope to see you on the big screen or the stage soon!

Best of Luck!

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