engineering in what stream

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how to choose which stream in is useful for the ward
Which stream in B Tech?
What is the view that is drawing you towards a career in engineering and technology? Are you interested in engineering because you find the area of study truly attractive or are you interested because it's considered a pathway to success. If it is the former, explore your interests further to choose an area of interest. If it is the latter, explore the lifestyle of different engineers and choose the one that you relate to the most. Different engineers live different lives. Which life would you prefer? Chemical engineers work in chemical plants and refineries. Civil engineers work on the ground, building structures. Electrical engineers work in power generation plants. Electronics engineers work in factories or research and design labs. Mechanical engineers work in factories or design labs. Computer engineers work in offices. Many engineers don't work as engineers and change tracks after engineering into business or management roles. Making a choice with an understanding of your preferences would ensure a good decision with regards to the ideal stream for your B Tech.

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