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sir/madam i am a commerce student in 11th grade i would like to graduate in mass communication and then do a mba in marketing i would like to work in an advertising firm but many people say that you wont be able to earn much. there is no pay in adverising jobs. can you please suggest me a career that i should persue in which i could earn well. i have intrest in film making as well and i would like to choose a creative career thank you
Film making - director
There are no job scales that are defined for a director. How much they earn depends on the scale of the project they are working on. The director of a high budget commercial movie will earn a bomb. A documentary film maker without sponsors will earn almost nothing. In a reputed ad production company, you could find steady income. You need to understand that there is little or no job security and you work for peanuts during the initial stages of your career. But if you’re passionate about movies and willing to work hard, there is a chance you might become successful. So if you’re looking for comfortable job with a secure income this is not the right career for you. But if you’re passionate about movies and you’re willing to work really, really hard then you might have a chance of becoming a Film Director some day.
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Is there a good scope in film making ? how much does a director earn on an average ?
A Paying Job!
Joining an advertising firm with an MBA in marketing would see you take more business related roles rather than creative ones. The earnings in such roles are fairly good. Many people after a stint in advertising move on to join the industry in a marketing role, where the earnings are very good.

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