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what i want to do after 10th to get good job?
Science, Arts or Commerce?
Hi Ashish! I'm going to be a little frank, so I hope I don't offend you. The question here is, what do you mean by a 'good job'? If by good you mean well paying jobs, then your career path will be very different to what it will be like if by 'good job' you're referring to a job that will interest you. If you ask me personally, I will ALWAYS advise you to follow your interests rather than running after the money. Keep in mind that if you're not happy in your job, you will never be successful and hence will never earn a lot of money. But if you're passionate about your job, you will work twice as hard and be very successful in it. Only YOU can and should decide the stream you want to choose. Think about your interests, what do you like to do? Are you interested in sports, music or creating new things? Do you like to debate or ask questions? Are you comfortable in being in the spotlight or do you like to work behind the scenes? The answers to such questions will affect your choice. Think about your likes and dislikes, but also keep your skills in mind. You might love sports, but if you're still not on your school team, then you might never be able to become a successful sportsperson as you don't have the skills. I'd advise you to take the tests on this website and probably go through some articles. They'll help you form a better idea of what you might or might not like. Take care and I hope you make the right choice! And feel free to contact me whenever you need any sort of advice. Hope I can be of some help! :)
Other job oriented career tracks
I think what's being said here is that you should work with your interests. If you like to design and stitch garments, you are most likely to find jobs in that area. If you like to manage accounts and money become an accountant. if you are fascinated by the stock market, convince a stock broker to hire you. If you like to organize events go help a banquets company, if you like cooking work in a restaurant or a hotel and so on. In all these careers, you can do very well with your interests and self acquired knowledge and skills. An education is desirable but not necessary. You will find work when you develop your interests passionately. Get good at it.
Job Oriented Education
If you have good interpersonal skills and the ability to persuade others, you can prepare for a career in sales. Opportunities exist across industries. You can sell insurance and banking products, real estate, travel products, or manufactured goods. You can take up any subjects after 10th or 12th, whatever interests you. You should take go through graduation, once again in any subjects that interest you. While you complete your studies, you can take up a diploma in sales and marketing and take up part-time sales jobs. The industry rewards the performers. If you have the aptitude for selling, you can rise well in your career.
Job-oriented Education
If you enjoy the internet and have the knack for working on computers, you can build a career designing websites or promoting them on the internet. Some basic coding skills acquired through private computer training institutes can help build skills that are in demand in the industry. Plenty of jobs are available in the mushrooming startups and small companies. Freelancing opportunities also exist through online freelancing websites. If you build the required skills, keep growing and keep tracking where the industry is headed, you can create a fulfilling career.

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Steve Jobs, chief executive officer and co-founder of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, urged graduates to pursue their dreams, follow their interests & curiosities and see the opportunities in life's setbacks-- including death itself.